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Created August 12, 1950 - On line since 1999

Welcome to the ASQ Montreal Section website. Our section was created in 1950 and we are proud to be the bilingual voice of Montreal and its region. We invite you to roam through our pages and read the news, comments, event and historical information. We also invite you to visit our other myASQ site.


Bilingual Webinar Event and networking | Événement Webinaire et Réseautage bilingue

We are hosting the virtual and bilingual ASQ Canada Quality Conference to be held the 4th and 5th of October, 2021. Click for more INFORMATION or to REGISTER.

Presentations in English and French with live Interpreters.
See speaker interviews on ASQ Canada Region channel.YouTube Logo


La marque employeur, levier pour l’amélioration continue

(The company brand, a continuous improvement lever)

Webinaire gratuit en Français avec Alex Carignan

29 Septembre, 2021 19:00

Une opportunité de réseautage débute à 18:30

Souvent vue comme un outil d’attraction et de rétention des employés, la marque employeur peut aussi favoriser le succès de vos opérations !
Que penseriez-vous si quelqu’un vous disait qu’un mélange de marketing et de RH au sein de votre organisation pourrait grandement améliorer vos processus de qualité et vos performances, ou que les employés pourraient travailler activement à trouver des solutions à un temps d’arrêt de machine de leur propre chef? C’est exactement ce que peut faire la mise en place d’une marque employeur.
Une marque employeur forte et efficace motive les employés. En sentant que leur organisation les soutient et se soucie d’eux, les travailleurs seront non seulement plus performants, mais chercheront également des moyens de résoudre les problèmes et d’améliorer les processus les impactant directement. Lorsqu’une marque employeur est bien implantée, elle responsabilise également les employés, ce qui leur donne la possibilité d’initier et de participer à des projets de qualité et d’amélioration continue.

Cette présentation définira le concept de marque employeur et couvrira les avantages et bénéfices sur vos processus de performance et de qualité.

Conférencier :
Alexis Carignan Depuis la fin de sa maîtrise en intervention et changements organisationnels, Alexis Carignan accompagne les organisations dans le développement de leur marque employeur et la gestion de leurs projets de changement. Il détient également un BAC en marketing. Il est d’avis qu’une approche humaine, soutenue par une bonne analyse des données est la clé du succès en gestion du changement.
De plus, ses expériences en marketing et en RH lui permettent de bien comprendre les enjeux humains des organisations afin de les accompagner efficacement dans la définition et la mise en place de leur marque employeur. Son but est non seulement de permettre aux organisations d’avoir une culture organisationnelle forte et durable, mais aussi de la mettre en œuvre afin de la faire vivre aux employés !

Rejoignez-nous !

Attendance will be worth 0.5 RU (Recertification Units) for ASQ.
La participation vaut 0.5 RU (Recertification Units) de l’ASQ.

Special Guest at Montreal Section

Ann-Jordan-ASQ-CEO 20210608

Ann Jordan, ASQ CEO virtually attended last night’s Montreal Section Leadership meeting (June 8, 2021) via Teams.
Yes, quite an honour for the Leadership Team. We also hosted Puneet Manchanda, the Canada Regional Director and Ruth Stanley, our Deputy RD as well as other directors. Ann wanted to meet the valiant team (70 years and counting) and present an overview of ASQ’s key strategic initiatives. Mission accomplished. She explained how ASQ has been working on refocusing on its members and offer more value as well as recognizing that technology now offers more opportunities for improving this… a weakness identified ‘late’ by ASQ. They will be refocusing on improving that, educational support and quality expertise, as well as providing it in a multi-language environment through the support of the new technologies. More information from HQ will be available in the fall. We will be watching, Ann.
PS: Ann Jordan has agreed to be the opening key-note speaker of the 2021 ASQ Canada & Greenland Region: National Bilingual Quality Conference hosted by the Montreal Section on the 4th and 5th of October. (Read more…)

Updated 2021-06-10

2021 Canada Conference — Risk and Resilience

And We’re off…..

We have selected two keynote speakers and twelve presenters for the virtual 2021 ASQ Canada Quality Conference on the 4th and 5th October 2021 on “Risk and Resilience“. For more information on the evolution of the conference, consult our Local News page or click INFORMATION to go to the special website.

Go to the Canada Region Channel for interviews.YouTube Logo

Stay tuned for more developments.

Updated 2021-08-12

Puneet Manchanda MBA PMPPuneet Manchanda, the newly elected Regional Director (RD) welcomes the following Deputy Regional Directors (DRD).

They have been nominated and will collaborate with the various Sections and their leaders to accomplish the Geographic Council (GCC) objectives:

2021 Upcoming Canada & Greenland Region Webinars

DateDescriptionASQ SectionLocal TimeLanguageReservations
2021-08-26White Belt Training Program - Intro to Value Stream Mapping - ASQ Section Member Leaders OttawaEnglishInformation
2021-09-21Smart Machines or Virtual Humans - Think of the Possibilities! - Marcus KoehleinCanada Region12:00 pmEnglishInformation
2021-09-22Fit-for-Intended-Use, what does that mean for you? - Jane WeitzelManitoba6:00 pmEnglishInformation
2021-09-29La marque employeur, facteur de succès pour vos projets d’améliorations de performance et de qualité (Company Brand - Success Factor in Continuous Improvement) - Alex CarignanMontreal6:30 pmFrançaisInformation
2021-09-30White Belt Training Program - Testing - ASQ Section Member Leaders OttawaEnglishInformation
2021-09-30Strengthen Your Soft Skills: The Art of Communication - Frank Battista, Ralph Krueger and Nicole StrandlundHamilton7:00 pmEnglishInformation
2021-10-04 & 05ASQ Canada & Greenland 2021 Quality Conference — Risk & ResilienceMontreal10h00-18h00English/Français
Infos - EN
Infos - FR
2021-11-15 & 16ASQ Vancouver: Quality & Business Excellence Conference 2021Vancouver10h00-19h00EnglishInformation
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ASQ ConnEx


Quality Education,

ASQConnEx is the new ASQ education delivery system and network that vets, designates, and connects quality subject matter experts with organizations to advance their excellence journey.

  • Organizations can build competencies needed to achieve strategic objectives by engaging a vast network of ASQ-authorized subject matter experts in the field of quality.
  • Experts gain a professional advantage by aligning with the world’s leading quality association and gaining access to ASQ-licensed education and certification preparation content.
  • The end result? Empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve excellence through quality.

Go here for more information: ASQConnEx FAQ.

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ASQ 75 Years 2021-02-16 – On February 16, 1946, an alliance of distinguished professionals gathered in New York City to form a membership society dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of quality and the allied arts and sciences. Now known as ASQ, members have been delivering solutions to meet the world’s challenges ever since.

From our origins in World War II statistical control methodology to modern-day best practices for leveraging artificial intelligence, ASQ and the quality industry have always been at the forefront of change, disruption, and progress. We are excited to launch a year-long celebration to recognize the 75th year of this great Society and the remarkable contributions of its members, subject matter experts, and communities to advance the quality profession.

Building on the foresight of its founding members and drawing inspiration from the quality profession we serve, ASQ continues to improve the value of membership. In the coming months, I look forward to sharing a roadmap of projects to further the ASQ mission and position the Society for its next 75 years of growth and success. New initiatives such as the digital edition of Quality Progress, a digital transformation field guide from Quality Press, and the member-led COVID-19 Quality Response are detailed in the issue of The Insider. We are committed to enhancing the member benefits and offerings that are valuable to you and next-generation members.

As we embark on this milestone year, thank you for your continued ASQ membership and dedication to achieving excellence through quality.

Ann Jordan, CEO, ASQ

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