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Here is a list of upcoming/developing events. Note that they may change so see our Newsletter (infolettre) for updates.
Raymond Dyer, Program chair.

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2022-07-0717:00Robustness development in Design for Reliability (DFR) - Student Outreach (Webinar in English) with Dr Mathew Hu


2022-09-2818:30Pharmaceutical data integrity and computer systems validation (Intégrité des données pharmaceutiques et validation des systèmes informatiques) with Kia Kahhali (Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais)


2022-10-0412:00 - 13:00Applying Six Sigma in a coffee shop (Le six sigma dans un café) with Thomas Nagel, live in Germany (Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais)


2022-10-2618:30• General Assembly | Assemblée Générale
• Networking | Réseautage : How to manage multiple Management System certifications | Comment gérer plusieurs certifications de systèmes de gestion

Your host | Votre hôte : Ray Dyer (Bilingual Webinar | Webinaire Bilingue)


2022-11-3018:30Kaikaku (radical change) before Kaizen (improvement) (Kaikaku (changement radical) avant le Kaizen (amélioration)) with | avec Albanesa Ymaya


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Pharma Trust Data Event

Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais

Pharmaceutical data integrity and computer systems validation
(Intégrité des données pharmaceutiques et validation des systèmes informatiques)

September 28th 2022 | 28 Septembre 2022 19:00
Networking Opportunity Starts | Opportunité de réseautage 18:30
(Bilingual Q&A Bilingue)

Kia Kahhali

This conference with Kia Kahhali, B. eng. will provide attendees with insight and a plethora of information on quality, compliance, validation, and regulatory are as affecting the quality and integrity of the data in pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and allied industries.
In this topic our speaker deep dives into numerous European and US regulations and guidance documents taking you on a journey to mine the true definition of Data in the GxP concept and revealing the real scope of data integrity in the pharmaceutical process.

About the Presenter: Kia Kahhali, B. eng. has over 25 years of experience, in equipment and system validation with proven records in the pharmaceutical industries. He has a unique profile that ties his engineering and software development background to GMP Computer System Validation and Analytical Instrument Qualification and Management. Kia founded APS Compliance Consultants Inc (also known as "Access Pharma Solutions") in 2018, a private firm of experts assisting the Pharmaceutical and Food industries, which has been highly solicited by North American pharmaceutical industries as a reliable consulting firm.

Your participation will be worth 0.5 ASQ RU (Recertification Units).

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