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2022-11-3019:00Kaikaku (radical change) before Kaizen (improvement)
(Kaikaku (changement radical) avant Kaizen (amélioration)) with Albanesa Ymaya in the Dominican Republic


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Event Kaikaku

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Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais

Radical transformation with Kaikaku
(Transformer une entreprise par le Kaikaku)

November 30th 2022 | 30 novembre 2022 19:00
(Bilingual Q&A Bilingue)

Albanesa YmayaIn this conference, our speaker will share a deep understanding of two LEAN approaches to support business transformation — Kaikaku and Kaizen Events. She will review general definitions around these terms and will explain the goal of each approach, the commonalities, the differences, and the benefits.

At the end of the conference, you will understand why “Kaikaku First and Kaizen Event Later” is a useful approach. Finally, she will share her formula to achieve a real Lean transformation in any business positively impacting Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and People.

Our speaker: Albanesa Ymaya is from the Dominican Republic and is founder and CEO of Ymaya Lean Academy and FYLA (Ymaya Lean Academy Foundation). Albanesa has more than 19 years as an Industrial Engineer working with Lean Transformations in the Manufacturing sector, such as medical Devices and electronics. She holds a post-degree in Quality and Productivity Management and specializations in Project Management and Logistics Management, is a Certified as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; Six Sigma Green Belt; Six Sigma Yellow Belt; ISO and TL 9000 Auditor; Kepner Tregoe Practical Problem Solving; and Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST).

She is also trained in the Shingo Model and TPS. In her 19 years as a professor at different Institutes and Universities, Albanesa trained more than 6,000 people from different countries (Latin America, Caribbean, United State and Europe) and has been in Lean Manufacturing environments since she started her career as an industrial engineer. She lead different Lean transformations in different countries and managed project portfolios of more than $10 million and has been recognized for her work with different International Awards, such as “Lean Coach of the Year”; “Planet Lean of the Year”; and “Operations Excellence Award”. Lastly, she supports the Global Love and Kindness Project Foundation, founded by Karyn Ross, with the role of Caribbean Regional Director.

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