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Raymond Dyer, Program chair.

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2023-03-2218:30Applying Intentional Creativity to Quality Management (Appliquer la créativité intentionnelle à la gestion de la qualité) with Ruth Stanley (Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais)


17:00 - 18:00Adversary simulation, Threats against financial institutions (Student Outreach) (La simulation d'attaque sur des institutions financières) with Dr Mo Faghani (Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais)


Lunch - Midi
12:00 - 13:00
Lunch - Midi
Learning Culture Helps Transformation (La culture de l'apprentissage favorise la transformation) with Anastasia Sayegh + Samer Hamadeh (Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais)


2023-04-2618:30Process Optimization Through Predictive Modelling (Optimisation des processus par la modélisation prédictive) with Vincent Béchard and Dominic St-Onge (Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais)


Six Sigma applications in Community Projects (Lean Six Sigma dans des projets communautaires) with Joy E. Mason, CSSBB — A joint webinar event by ASQ Indianopolis and Montreal Sections (In English | En anglais)
2023-06-1418:30In-person Networking, good food and friends | Réseautage en personne, bons plats et amis
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Webinar in English | Webinaire en anglais

Process Optimization Through Predictive Modeling
(Optimisation des processus grâce à la modélisation prédictive)

26 April 2023 | 26 avril 202319:00
Opportunité de réseautage | Networking Opportunity 18:30
(Bilingual Q&A Bilingue)

Presentation of Study Case: an important KPI was optimized to meet target with minimal variance, using DMAIC and predictive data modeling.

This presentation will be based on a recent case study: Implementation of an automated recommender system to proactively readjust the chemical characteristics of a critical process feed stream when there is a process upset. The steps to implement operator tools to achieve this task will be described: selection of variables, building the soft-sensor model, and elaboration of tools and guidelines to decide the minimalistic process adjustments (heuristic rules and formal optimization solver). Recommendations to ensure the success of those types of projects will be shared with the audience.

About our speakers:
Vincent Bechard & Dominic St-Onge
Vincent Béchard, Associate, Analytical Decision Specialist. Since 2004, Vincent has been acting as an analytical decision-making consultant in the areas of modelling, simulation, and optimization of industrial operations. He delivers computer solutions and services to resolve bottlenecks and increase performance and assets utilization. His skills are based on statistics and data science, exploratory and predictive analytics, machine learning, Monte-Carlo and discrete event simulation, mathematical optimization, and Lean Six Sigma.

Dominic St-Onge, P.Eng., MBA. Dominic has nearly 20 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry as process engineer, superintendent, operational excellence leader and technical representative. He has worked on paper machines, various pulping processes and chemical applications. Among other things, he participated in major projects involving plant conversions. Since 2015, he has used his Black Belt training for the application of Lean Six Sigma processes along with statistical knowledge to bring technical problem solving to another level. Integrating DMAIC, advanced statistics and technical understanding of processes represents an interesting package for the development of successful solutions relating to predictive modelling.

Your participation will be worth 0.5 ASQ RU (Recertification Units).

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