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Welcome to the ASQ Montreal Section website. Our section was created in 1950 and we are proud to be the bilingual voice of Montreal and its region. We invite you to roam through our pages and read the news, comments, event and historical information. We also invite you to visit our myASQ site.



Connexion Qualité | Quality Connections

Événement SUR PLACE | LIVE event

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Événement de réseautage bilingue | Bilingual Networking Event

Connexion Qualité | Quality Connections
2024.06.12   19:00 – 21:00

Novotel Montreal Airport,
2599 Bd Alfred Nobel, Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 2G1, Canada

18:30-19:00 – Réseautage informel | Informal networking
Membre | Member 0$  —  Non-membre | Non-member 40$

Chantale Simard Join us for an evening of quality connections at Connexion Qualité | Quality Connections, where networking knows no bounds! Engage in lively discussions, break the ice with Quality Bingo, and put your expertise to the test in a team trivia challenge. Connect, collaborate, and elevate your network in the realm of quality professionals!

Expand your professional network: Being present at Connexion Qualité / Quality Connection offers a good opportunity to expand one’s professional network, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Have fun while learning: Beyond networking and knowledge enhancement, attendees can enjoy interactive activities like Quality Bingo and team trivia, making the event both informative and entertaining.

Potential career growth: By participating in discussions and activities, attendees may uncover new career paths, mentors, or resources that can propel their careers forward in the quality sector.

Our Host/Animator: Chantale Simard, MBA and ASQ Senior, CMQ/OE and CSSGB, is a seasoned expert in project management, quality and organizational excellence. She is currently Director of IT Projects and Compliance at Evnia, a consulting firm specializing in eco-taxation. With over 25 years’ experience in a variety of industries, she has built her career on her skills in integrating information technology as a backdrop to the realization of her projects. Chantale has been a pillar of the quality community for the past two decades, and her commitment and involvement with the ASQ Montreal Chapter testify to her dedication to promoting quality and sharing her knowledge with her peers.

Votre participation vaut 0.2 ASQ RU (2 heures).
Your participation will be worth 0.2 ASQ RU (2 hours).

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ASQ section de Montréal

ASQ Canada And Greenland Region — Deputy regional directors

At her last regional meeting on May 23rd, Natella Isazada announced a shuffling of Deputy Regional Directors (DRD) :

Chaitanya Baliga : Ottawa Valley and Maritimes Raymond Dyer : Montréal
Michael Mladjenovic : London and Hamilton Desmond Mahadeo : Windsor
Sandra Amador : Vancouver and Kitchener Gary Gehring : Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Stephen Hall : Calgary and Edmonton Michel Guenette : Toronto and DRD support

ASQ Canada And Greenland Region — Volunteer Recognition

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ASQ Canada and Greenland Region Page 

Natella Isazada RD 2023Natella Isazada, Regional Director of ASQ Canada and Greenland Region initiated the page and started a series of portraits of the various Member Leader volunteers. The objective is to introduce and show an appreciation for the efforts that they make on a regular basis.

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ASQ News
2023 PEP Awardees Flyer Header

ASQ-HQ offered its congratulations to
the 2023 Awardees for
Member Unit Performance Excellence!

ASQ 2023 PEP Gold Award

ASQ-HQ: 2024-05-10 — On behalf of the Performance Excellence Program (PEP) Committee, Katie Chitwood, Segment Manager, thanked the ASQ Montreal Section Leadership Team for all the hard work over the past year to support its members and ASQ overall. She was pleased to announce that the Montreal Section has received the Gold award recognition for 2023.

It was a total of 16 Technical Communities (Divisions) and 34 Geographic Communities (Sections) which were recognized for their commitments and excellence. For 2023, four out of the 13 Canadian Sections won recognition. We are especially proud to report that amongst the five GOLD winners, both the Montreal and Ottawa Valley Sections were recognized. Of the 16 Sections in the SILVER recognition, both London and Vancouver won. The Toronto Section won the 2023 Best Practices Awards.

The ASQ Performance Excellence Program was created by Milwaukee-based ASQ to recognize Member Units for excellent performance that reinforces ASQ’s position as the thought leader and expands ASQ offerings to members and customers:
• Contributions to ASQ thought leadership, as measured by myASQ content postings;
• Member Engagement and Experience, as measured by myASQ activity;
• Fiduciary responsibility, as measured by adherence to budget;
• Achievement of business plan objectives, as measured by self-reported progress on business goals and targets.

These measures were evaluated based on the Member Unit’s own baseline data and self-reported business plan progress. Award levels were conferred using a common point system.


Quality Progress January 2024

That’s All Folks!

ASQ – QP comic strip mainstay Mr. Pareto Head hangs up his hat

Mr Pareto Head qp0124

In ASQ’s January issue of Quality Progress (QP), Mike Crossen, the comic’s creator, announced the final Mr. Pareto Head comic to appear in QP along with his cast of co-workers: Sigma Freud, Randy M. Sample, Norma Distribution, Charlie Chance and Mr. Bottomline. Crossen, said he knew that eventually the strip would come to an end and found himself thinking about the strip more recently. After nearly 24 years, “it just seemed that heading into this new year was a good time to let it go and focus on my other interests.

Mr. Pareto Head debuted in March 2000 and in introducing the cartoon, Miles Maguire, then editor of QP, explained that the strip was “in response to a letter to the editor decrying the lack of humour in our pages.”

Pareto Head Retires 20240101

Mike Crossen is lean enterprise manager at Rockwell Automation in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics technology from Cleveland State University and is a senior member of ASQ and an ASQ-certified manager of quality-organizational excellence, quality auditor and quality engineer.

ASQ members and QP readers will still be able to access an archive of Mr. Pareto Head comic strips dating back to 2000 and QP will also be running Mr. Pareto Head classics in the coming months. You can read more about the evolution of Mr. Pareto Head in Mike Crossen’s My Quality Story column Sketchy Situation of March 2021 (member access required).

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ASQ Open Access

Meet Govind Ramu, P. Eng. and ASQ member of 25 years.
He is a Quality Management Professional, ASQ Fellow, Stanford LEAD Distinguished Scholar, Professional Engineer (Ontario) and ASQ Crosby Medal Recipient.
He shares his two minutes sales pitch on LinkedIn HERE.


Quality Resources is your one-stop online library of information related to quality. Access more than 75 years’ worth of practical and research-based content, tools, and data about defining, achieving, measuring, controlling, and improving quality, created for all experience levels.

Gathered from around the globe, ASQ content is peer-reviewed by subject matter experts and published in a variety of formats, all accessible on ASQ’s website.

Ways to find content

  • Search Quality Content — Search more than 30,000 journal articles, case studies, books, standards, courses, webcasts, and presentations. The collection is indexed to be searchable by topic, keyword, industry, date, and more.
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Additional open-access and member-benefit publications are also available from topic- and industry-focused forums and divisions.

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ASQ Certifications Earn International ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation!

ASQ Logo


April 14, 2022: ASQ announced that five of ASQ’s certification programs achieved ISO 17024 Personnel Certification Documentation Consultancy accreditation through the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). ANAB is the largest multi-disciplinary accreditation body in the western hemisphere, with more than 2,500 organizations accredited in approximately 80 countries. Federal, state, and local authorities rely on ANAB accreditation to demonstrate value and assure competency for important public priorities.

By earning ISO 17024 accreditation for Personnel Certification, ASQ demonstrates to the Quality profession it represents and the general public it serves, that its credentialing programs have been reviewed by a panel of impartial experts who have determined that our CQA, CQE, CSSBB, CMQ/OE and CRE programs have met the stringent standards set by the credentialing community.

More details…

ASQ Fellow

ASQ Logo ASQ Fellow Membership It is an honour bestowed by other ASQ members. A Fellow represents the upper echelon of the quality profession and serves as the backbone of the Society. It is an advanced, individual member grade obtained through peer endorsement and Society recognition. Some of the benefits to becoming a Fellow include peer recognition of individual accomplishments in the quality field, networking opportunities, new levels of ASQ involvement and additional member benefits. All ASQ Fellows, worldwide, are members of the ASQ Fellows Focus Group, a global geographic community affiliated with ASQ’s Geographic Communities Council (GCC). Also, a choice of one of the extra benefit options is included with membership dues of $169 US per year: one journal of your choice or one additional section of your choice. For more information, visit myASQ Montreal or

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World Conference on Quality & Improvement
(Conférence mondiale sur la qualité et l’amélioration)
May 12-15, 2024, San Diego, CA – In Person

Quality Innovations Summit
(Sommet sur les innovations en qualité)
October 8-10, 2024, Milwaukee, WI – In Person

Women in Quality Symposium
(Symposium sur les femmes en qualité)
December 5, 2024, Virtual

2025 Lean and Six Sigma Conference
(2025 Conférence Lean et Six Sigma
February 23 – 25, 2025, Phoenix, AZ – In Person

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