Word from the Chair – Mot de la présidente

By Chantale Simard, MBA, Quality Assurance Analyst, Bombardier Aviation, ASQ CMQOE and CSSGB

Do you hold one or more ASQ certifications? Do you have the impression that our certifications are not recognized enough in Quebec and that employers do not differentiate from other certifications that are much easier to obtain? If this appeals to you, we need your help.

In fact, our section has given itself the mandate to promote ASQ certifications to employers and quality professionals in Quebec. I present to you, below, some avenues that we will explore this year.

First, we’ll maximize the use of our LinkedIn group with discussions on the value of certifications. We will also focus on mutual assistance between members in preparing for exams. Here is the link for our LinkedIn group.

Second, we will continue to represent ASQ at major events and we would like to be present at more of them. Are you aware of an event of interest? Let us know! You are interested in representing the section, let us know as well. Yes, it is possible to do so, even at virtual events!

Third, participate and invite your colleagues to our events, which will of course be virtual at the start of the year. To increase the visibility of our events, we’ll be using Eventbrite. The more known ASQ is, the better our certifications will be!

Fourth, as you probably already know, the Montreal section has been the only section in Quebec for a year now. We are in the process of modifying all of our platforms to make everything as bilingual as possible. Please visit our modernized website.

Finally, we are open to all other ideas. Contact me let me know about yours and thank you in advance for your help!

Happy healthy new year 2021!


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