Word from the Chair

By Chantale Simard, MBA, Quality Assurance Analyst, Bombardier Aviation, ASQ CMQOE and CSSGB

I am honored to announce that the Montreal Section will host the 2021 ASQ Canadian Conference, which will take place virtually later this year. We have already identified 3 objectives that are close to our hearts: An interactive experience, activities categorized by level of knowledge of the subject and a bilingual conference.

We will provide you with options for workshops and activities that will promote exchange and discussion and allow participants to learn through small group workshops, software or simulation available online during the activity.

We will offer learning opportunities according to the required level of knowledge of the topics covered (beginner, intermediate and advanced). We hope this will help you choose the activities and conferences that will meet your expectations.

Finally, we intend to take advantage of the fact that we are a bilingual section to ensure that this conference will offer activities in both official languages, as well as simultaneous translations.

We are interested in your comments and suggestions. We will be launching an online survey in connection with this conference shortly. I will tell you about it and will give the link in the next edition of the newsletter. In the meantime, feel free to write to me or start a discussion on our LinkedIn group or on our French or English MyASQ sites.

Thanks to the members of the ASQ Canada region for your trust and support!


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