The Quality Manager and the Multiple Management Systems — Guest appearance in Toronto

The Quality Manager and the Multiple Management Systems — Guest appearance in Toronto

Last December our Montreal Section Chair, Raymond E Dyer, BSc & MBA, ASQ Senior Member, CMQ/OE, & CQA took his 30 years plus in Quality experiences with various industries, quality methods, models, tools, management system registrations, and registrars virtually to Toronto (A short walk the living room). His objective: To share stories with the ever growing need to have Quality Management System (QMS) professionals represent organizations facing multiple management systems and their certifications, well beyond ISO 9001. This presentation, similar to the one at our General Assembly, last October, but with a virtual twist.

In his presentation Ray suggested that the QMS professional was the individual best able to ensure integration of the various systems because, that person usually had a :

    • • Broad understanding of the business;
    • • Cross functional influence;
    • • Experience with management system notions in Leadership communications, objectives, risk management, documentation, internal audits, management reviews, metrics/KPIs, corrective actions and improvement, etc. and a growing notion of an Integrated Management System;
    • • Experience representing the organization during 2nd and 3rd party audits.
Opportunities Challenges
  • Adopt common management system processes:
  • Risk management
  • Objectives and KPIs
  • Documentation
  • Internal audits
  • Management reviews
  • Corrective actions
  • Improvement opportunities
  • Dealing with non integrated systems already in place
  • Dealing with overcomplicated process requirements and excessive documentation (some may remember Dilbert’s “One big honkin binder”)
  • Dealing with different colleagues responsible (Beware of working in silos)
  • Dealing with highly competing priorities

His conclusions:
• Organizations are increasingly seeking recognition in more than one ISO certification (ISO 9001 is often just the start!);
• The QMS professional is often chosen to lead or strongly support such management system certifications due to their experience and the nature of their work;
• Integrating the common elements of these management systems helps improve effectiveness and efficiency of related activities.

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