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Can CI Influence the Reduction of Systemic Racism in Healthcare?

Mercredi 24 Février, 2021 à 19:00

(Le CI peut-il influencer une réduction du racisme systémique dans la santé?)


Networking opportunity starts at 18h30.

Debbie Sears Barnard

Presentation by Debbie Sears Barnard, MSc, RN, CPHQ, Principal, Diamond Cut Leadership Network and Consultant with Joint Commission International.

Debbie will “unpack” for us how systemic racism and our personal biases impact our patients and communities. This thoughtful session will present some meaningful strategies that the Continuous Improvement (CI) Professional may use to influence the reduction of systemic racism in healthcare and communities.

Racism is not always easy to talk about – even in the health care sector. The Institute of Medicine 2001 report, “Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century,” called for urgent changes to healthcare systems to close the quality gap. The report detailed practices that were seen to impede the provision of quality and detailed six aims that healthcare should embrace to facilitate the creation of a “new health system”. The six aims of a “quality” health system were detailed as: safe, timely, effective, efficient, patient-centered and equitable. Unfortunately, although some organizations have made measurable improvements, others lag, and “equity” has remained elusive.

Debbie Sears Barnard is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), Canadian EXTRA Fellow and holds a Certificate in Advance Nursing Education (Hons), a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences, and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Development. She has worked in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Northern Ontario and Alberta, Canada and Georgia, USA.

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