Had You Been There – Ann Jordan, ASQ-HQ Visits Montreal SLT

ASQ Montreal - Ann Jordan Attends Leadership Meeting

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By Jean-Pierre Amiel, ASQ Senior & CQA, ret.
Ann Jordan, ASQ CEO virtually attended last night’s Montreal Section Leadership meeting (June 8, 2021) via Teams.
Yes, quite an honour for the Leadership Team. We also hosted Puneet Manchanda, the Canada Regional Director and Ruth Stanley, our Deputy RD as well as other directors. Ann wanted to meet the valiant team (70 years and counting) and present an overview of ASQ’s key strategic initiatives. Mission accomplished. She explained how ASQ has been working on refocusing on its members and offer more value as well as recognizing that technology now offers more opportunities for improving this… a weakness identified ‘late’ by ASQ. They will be refocusing on improving that, educational support and quality expertise, as well as providing it in a multi-language environment through the support of the new technologies. More information from HQ will be available in the fall. We will be watching, Ann.

Chantale Simard, Montreal Section Chair sent her a follow-up message: I think I am speaking for the group here by letting you know that it was a pleasure for us as well. If we had had more time, probably everyone on the Leadership Team would have asked you questions and give you comments about the new key strategic initiatives to increase member value. I am glad that we had time for a few meaningful comments and ideas.ASQ Montreal Presentation Slide
I truly believe in these initiatives involving benchmarking, technology, new and existing resources to enhance QBok content. The global provider network, ASQConnEx is also a great idea. Being open to modern ways, to the world, to younger generations, to diversity and other languages and proving it concretely by starting this virtual road show with Montreal, makes me believe that ASQ will achieve the long-term goal of improving member value.
We will look more closely at the presentation and start discussions with our members and other quality professionals in our community about these key strategic initiatives.
PS: Ann Jordan has agreed to be the opening key-note speaker of the 2021 ASQ Canada & Greenland Region: National Bilingual Quality Conference hosted by the Montreal Section on the 4th and 5th of October.

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