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Vers L’amélioration Continue 4.0, Un Petit Pas à La Fois

Towards Continuous Improvement 4.0, One Small Step at A Time — Webinar in French

28 Avril 19h00

Réseautage débute à 18h30

Robert VadeboncoeurUne présentation par Robert Vadeboncoeur, B. ing. et president de Optigén Maintenance Inc. “Une donnée est un élément brut, qui n’a pas encore été interprétée ou mise en contexte“.
La démarche IoT (Internet of Things) et l’entretien prédictif suscite beaucoup d’espoir dont l’amélioration du service, la productivité, la fiabilité, etc. Cependant en 2020, seulement 8% des entreprises ont implanté la démarche (Bain & cie 2018). Les principaux points d’achoppement sont la sécurité des informations, l’intégration Ti/To (Technologies de l’information et des opérations), le RSI (Retour sur l’investissement) incertain et l’expertise technique interne. Robert expliquera les différents concepts du 4.0 en maintenance suivi d’une démarche d’implantation progressive avec équipes de production/maintenance.

Robert Vadeboncoeur a été ingénieur principal aux équipements fixes de la STM pendant 30 ans et a été responsable technique d’un projet majeur d’optimisation de la maintenance (4M$, 500 employés). Depuis 2018, il réalise une maitrise à l’ÉTS sur l’Amélioration des processus de maintenance à l’aide des outils 4.0. Il a développé une expertise en résolution de problème et d’optimisation basé sur l’analyse prévisionnel incluant les senseurs IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) pour extraire le plein potentiel des informations de maintenance recueillis.

Nous espérons vous y voir.

Attendance will be worth 0.5 RU (Recertification Units) for ASQ.
La participation vaut 0.5 RU (Recertification Units) de l’ASQ.

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ASQ Canadian Conference 2021 — Risk and Resilience

Call for Papers

The ASQ Montreal Section is hosting the virtual 2021 ASQ Canada Quality Conference on the 4th and 5th October 2021 and we are calling for quality field experts to submit proposals to present at the conference in either French or English. The theme of the conference is “Risk and Resilience“.

The objective is to get attendees to think about quantifying risk in a business sense and understand how to apply tools that help them assess quantitative risks and turn them into opportunities to make their organisations more resilient. We wish to make this conference as interactive as possible and so the basic format is to have a 40-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute breakout group or workshop to discuss the ideas presented. Each breakout group would then present to all attendees a summary of their thoughts (a few minutes per group), total 20 minutes. We will be offering both English and French language sessions with live translation services available in both languages.

We are seeking representation from the registrars, academia, pharma, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, banking, human resources, medicine and service sectors. We are especially interested in hands-on examples. The breakout sessions can be discussions around the presentation topic, simulation and calculation exercises and other methods that encourage participation and deepen understanding. Presenters should consider questions to be discussed in the breakout session that will broaden knowledge of the participants through discussions.

See the call for papers details and to ask to present an article, please submit an abstract by 30 June 2021 to David Tozer, Technical Committee Chair. The committee will review the submissions and select papers for presentation.

For more information or to follow the evolution of the conference, go to our Local News page.

Stay tuned for more developments.

Updated 2021-03-29

Puneet Manchanda MBA PMPPuneet Manchanda, the newly elected Regional Director (RD) welcomes the following Deputy Regional Directors (DRD).

They have been nominated and will collaborate with the various Sections and their leaders to accomplish the Geographic Council (GCC) objectives:

2021 Upcoming Regional Webinars

DescriptionASQ SectionScheduleLang.Reservations
Growing Through Partnerships – Eric AndersonSaskatchewan2021-04-15 – 1:00 p.m. EDTEnglishReservations
2021 ASQ Toronto Spring Seminar - Data Science, Security & GovernanceToronto2021-04-17 – 10:30 p.m. EDTEnglishReservations
Vers L’amélioration Continue 4.0, Un Petit Pas à La Fois - Robert VadeboncoeurMontreal2021-04-28 – 4:30 –7:00 pm EDTFrançaisReservations
Lean as a Lever for a Sustainable Supply Chain - Veronica MarquezMontreal2021-05-19 – 10:00 – 11:00 am EDT English/FrançaisReservations
8D Problem Solving Workshop – ASQ Ottawa Valley Member Leaders Ottawa Valley2021-06-16 – Noon EDTEnglishReservations
2021 ASQ Canada Quality ConferenceMontrealOctober - Stay tuned
Octobre - Suivez-nous
Rev. 2021-03-29

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ASQ 75 Years 2021-02-16 – On February 16, 1946, an alliance of distinguished professionals gathered in New York City to form a membership society dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of quality and the allied arts and sciences. Now known as ASQ, members have been delivering solutions to meet the world’s challenges ever since.

From our origins in World War II statistical control methodology to modern-day best practices for leveraging artificial intelligence, ASQ and the quality industry have always been at the forefront of change, disruption, and progress. We are excited to launch a year-long celebration to recognize the 75th year of this great Society and the remarkable contributions of its members, subject matter experts, and communities to advance the quality profession.

Building on the foresight of its founding members and drawing inspiration from the quality profession we serve, ASQ continues to improve the value of membership. In the coming months, I look forward to sharing a roadmap of projects to further the ASQ mission and position the Society for its next 75 years of growth and success. New initiatives such as the digital edition of Quality Progress, a digital transformation field guide from Quality Press, and the member-led COVID-19 Quality Response are detailed in the issue of The Insider. We are committed to enhancing the member benefits and offerings that are valuable to you and next-generation members.

As we embark on this milestone year, thank you for your continued ASQ membership and dedication to achieving excellence through quality.

Ann Jordan, CEO, ASQ


Quality Conferences & Events

Risk Mitigation Tool Kit

⋄ September 13, 2021: Information

Quality 4.0 Summit

⋄ October 25 – 27, 2021
   San Antonio, TX