Répertoire d'événements 1957-2006

Social Evening and "Open Discussions"1957-09-01
Quality Control Pays-Off in WoodworkRobert Chateauneuf, Singer Manufacturing Co.1957-10-01
First Quality ForumChair: Ben Lloyd, Leetham Simpson Ltd Program: John Pringle, Bell Telephone Co. of Canada & W. A. Lewis, Imperial Tobacco of Canada Ltd
Dinner Meeting and Speaker "The Team Approach to Installing Quality Control"Charles Bicking, Carborundum Co, N.Y.1957-11-01
Measurements and Quality CostsHarold Freeman, General Electric Co.1957-12-01
Statistics in Industrial ExperimentationPeter Wade, Aluminum Co of Canada1958-01-01
Vendor Control and Product Control1958-02-01
QC Applications in the Food IndustryF. Donahue, Nestle Co1958-03-01
QC In the Electronics IndustryAugust Nundel, Sonotone Corp.1958-04-01
Vendor - Vendee in the Metal IndustryKenneth Cook, Thomas & Betts Co1958-05-01
Annual Dinner Meeting1958-06-01
All-Day ForumChair: C.I. Taylor, Trans-Canada Airlines Various speakers: Dr. A. V. Feigenbaum, author of "Total Quality Control", Eugene FISHER, President ASQC and Leon Bass, Past President ASQC1958-10-01
Plant tour of Dow Brewery Ltd.Dr R. Wallace, Dow Brewery Ltd.1960-09-01
Third All-Day ForumChair: Lin Humphries, Aviation Electric Ltd. Guest: Stuart M. FINLAYSON, President, Canadian Marconi Co.1960-10-22
Interview on QCBen Lloyd, Price-Waterhouse1960-11-01
Possible Solutions for Some Problems in CommunicationC. Arthurs, Sir George Williams University1960-12-01
QC in a FactoryR. L. Myers, Westinghouse Electric Co1961-01-01
Organization for Industrial SQCDoug Guthrie, Dominion Rubber Co.1961-02-01
Plant tour of Trans Canada AirlinesW.C. Wingfield, Trans Canada Airlines1961-03-01
Results from Training ProgramN. E. Beckett, Northern Electric1961-04-01
Case HistoriesP. F. Wade, Price-Waterhouse1961-05-01
Annual Dinner Meeting1961-06-01
All-Day Forum Chair: Bill L. Wingfield, Trans Canada Airlines, Isobel Loutit1961-10-01
"Sampling Inspection", a One-act Play and Social EveningBonnie Small, Hillside Armories1962-09-01
All-Day Forum Chair: Sid Thomas, Northern Electric Co. Ltd., Don Schroeder, Imperial Tobacco of Canada1962-10-01
Intricacies of Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry & Abbott Laboratories Plant TourHarry Grigsby, Production Manager, S. Worthen. Manager control Labs., and Ray Henripin, Production Q.C. Supervisor1962-11-01
Statistics and QC in a Long-established IndustryBrian Blakely, Operations Analyst1962-12-01
Quality Advancement at Bell Telephone Co. of Canada & Plant TourBruce Leadbetter, General Engineer, QA, John Pringle, Staff Engineer, QA1963-01-01
Function of the Chemical, Bacteriological and Baking Laboratory in QC & Plant Tour Canada PackersDenys Pilon1963-02-01
Management Night Dinner MeetingChester Gadzinski, Reliability Dynamics Institute1963-03-01
Modified Control ChartsJack Keyser, Bell Telephone Labs, New York1963-04-01
QA Engineering in Technical Products, Electron Tube Quality Control, Plant Tour RCA Victor CoH. R. Streete, QA Administrator, R. J. Wallace, QC Supervisor1963-05-01
Annual Dinner Meeting & Presentation of Quality Control Courses CertificatesPresentations: Professor G. W. Joly, Asst Dean Engineering Faculty, McGill University1963-06-01
Impact of Quality Control on ManagementFrank Nixon, Rolls Royce Ltd, Derby, England1963-09-01
All-day forumJ.J. Fitzsimmons, Canadian Marconi Co, G.M. Lynch, Air Canada1963-10-01
Industrial Applications of QC TechniquesD.W. GuthrIe, Dominion Rubber Co.1963-11-01
Plant tour at ElectroluxPresentation: S. Barburek, QC Manager.1963-12-01
Control of Quality and Quality ControlHasgaard, Manager of QC, Canadian Marconi Co.1964-01-01
Plant Tour at Northern Electric's Shearer Street plant, electronic tube & semiconductor departmentsD.M. Lappi, Manufacturing Superintendent; Armin Schmidt, QC Engineer1964-02-01
Dinner Meeting ConferenceHoward Halpin, Manager Reliability & QC, Missile and Armament Department, General Electric Co, Vermont1964-03-01
Social Evening & films on Quality, including "Right the first time" by Marks and Spencer, a British department store.1964-04-01
Tour of the Imperial Oil Ltd refineryImperial Oil Ltd1964-05-01
Dinner Meeting1964-06-01
Past Chairman's Night and Social event1964-09-01
All-Day ForumChair: S. L. Humphries, Aviation Electric Ltd., G.M. Lynch, Air Canada1964-10-01
Geometry and Surface Conditions of RoundnessLeslie Nelson, Cleveland Instruments1964-12-01
A Second Look at Reliability and PracticeL C Thomas, RCA Victor1965-01-01
QC in Graphic ArtsDavid W.S. Riddell, Montreal Lithographing Co Ltd.1965-02-01
ASQC Career Advancement Program, the Latest Developments and Plans for the FutureAllin P Deacon, National Treasurer, ASQC1965-03-01
The International Scene in QCP.C. Clifford, Professor of Mathematics at Montclair State College, N.J.1965-04-01
Annual Dinner Meeting & Estate PlanningN.J. Bennett, Montreal Trust1965-06-01
Plant tour at Molson's Brewery & "QC Problems in the Brewery Industry"W. Viner, Chief Engineer of Donald Inspection1965-09-01
All-Day ForumChair: D.E. Schroeder, Imperial Tobacco Co, Brian Blakely, Canadian International Paper1965-10-01
Accelerated Aging In ElectronicsC. Van Leewen, R&D, Northern Electric Co.1965-11-01
Tour of IBM Computer Installations & Presentation on "Principles of Computer Systems".David Crombie, System Engineer IBM1965-12-01
"Behind the Scenes" a tour of the T Eaton Co.T Eaton Co.1966-01-01
Management Night held at the McGill Faculty ClubEugene Risher, Director, Bell Telephone Laboratory's QA Center in New York and ASQC past President1966-02-01
"QC in the Food Industry" Jointly with Canadian Institute of Food TechnologistsSpeakers from Steinberg's, Coorsh and Canada Packer1966-03-01
The First Canadian Regional ConferenceMontreal Chair: D.E. Schroeder, Imperial Tobacco Co hosts Regional Director: W. Foskett, A. Deacon Associates, Brantford & Chair: W.F. Hansen, Pumps & Softeners, Condon1966-03-18
The Need for Keeping up with Technological ChangesEd Cross, Imperial Tobacco1966-04-01
"Data Analysis" Jointly with the CIMADr N. Stephens of Mc Gill University1966-05-01
Annual dinner meetingCommentator CJAD Radio1966-06-01
Plant tour at Seagram's Overseas Corp Ltd & "QC methods in the distilling business"Mr. St Jacques, Dept Head, Fermentation & Nutrition1966-09-01
All-Day Forum -- A cross-section of topics from SPC to the management aspects of QCChair: Len A. Barth, Bell Telephone Co., Yvon Tremblay, Canadian Marconi Co, Guest: Claude Taylor, President, Air Canada1966-10-01
Modern Statistical Concepts in Business PlanningDr B. Bonner, University of Waterloo1966-11-01
Multi-State Classification Sampling Plan for Life and Environmental TestsN.C. Pavacich, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Holmdel, N.J.1966-12-01
The Expanding Role of Quality Assurance at CanadairMr S.H. Schwab, Director of Reliability & QA, Canadair Ltd1967-01-01
Debugging Zero Defect ProgramsDorian Shainin, VP & Director Reliability & QC, Rath and Strong Inc, Boston1967-02-01
Quality Control in the Drug IndustryH. Grigsby, Production Manager at Abbott Laboratories Ltd1967-03-01
Impact of Quality on Sales combined with "Ladies' Night"R.M. Bannantyne, Director of Quality & Reliability, Chrysler Motors of Canada Ltd.1967-04-01
Process Control Case StudiesC.R. Basso, Canadian General Electric Co, Toronto1967-05-01
Annual June dinner meeting at the Stage Coach InnDick Irwin, Sports Director at CFCF-TV1967-06-01
Plant tour at the House of SeagramA. Dawn, Q.A. Manager1974-09-01
QC Circle TeamsVisiting Japanese JUSE Delegation touring Canada1974-10-01
Quality organization and SystemsRay A. Cawsey, Northern Electric.1975-03-01
QC for ProfitHoward L. Stier, President of ASQC.1975-04-01
Plant tour of Bell Canada & Presentation: "100 Years of Telephone Technology"Robert Hill, General Engineer QA, Doug Frame & Lloyd Moore, Staff Engineers QA., and Herbert Kelly, Inspection Manager.1975-05-01
Quality Cost Seminar1976-11-01
Metrication and Quality1977-01-01
The Future of the Inspector1977-02-01
Reliability and Maintainability1977-03-01
QC in the Laboratory1977-04-01
"Reliability of Power Apparatus and Systems" - Jointly with IEEE Montreal & Canadian Region, ASQC Montreal & Milwaukee1977-09-01
All-Day Software ConferenceChair: Guy Vanier, Canada Post Office, 16 subjects presented1977-10-01
Inspection training and developmentRay Wosrsick, Combustion Engineering of Canada1977-11-01
Magazine ProductionJ. Hall, Comac Communications1977-12-01
Food and DrugsAnimation: Ray MacDonald Presentation: Jeremy Mordell & Dr. Allan Smith1978-01-01
Vendor-Vendee Relationships - Part 11978-04-01
Tour of Dow PlanetariumDow Planetarium1977-09-01
Quality CostsM. Marette, Northern Telecom1977-11-01
Quality AuditA. Stauder, Ontario Hydro1977-12-01
Q.A. for Airline CustomersDavid Inglis, Air Canada1978-01-01
Aircrafts and MissilesBob Griffin, Canadair Ltd.1978-02-01
Plant tour of Menasco Ltd.Menasco Ltd.1978-03-01
How Quality People can Influence the GovernmentAnimation: N. Balke Presentations: DND, Canada Post Office & Department of Supplies and Services1978-04-01
Annual Dinner Meeting1978-05-01
Total Quality AssuranceO. Kolacek, Allis-Chalmers (Canada).1978-09-01
Colour Control in IndustryD. Henderson, Hunter-Douglas.1978-10-01
Plant tour of the Challenger Program at CanadairBob Griffin, Canadair Ltd.1978-12-01
Plant tour of Domglass Ltd, G. ROBIDOUX.G. Robidoux1979-01-01
Food and Consumer Product Control at Steinberg'sN. Logan1979-02-01
GamblingW. Schneider, Carleton University, Ottawa.1979-03-01
Vendor-Vendee Relationships - Part 2J. Norfolk, Ronald Printing.1979-04-01
Annual Dinner MeetingAnnual Dinner Meeting at the Stagecoach Inn on Decarie Blvd.1979-05-01
Quality Assurance ManagementO. Kolacek, Allis-Chalmers (Canada).1979-09-01
People QualityRay Putnam, Dale Carnegie Institute.1979-10-01
Implementing CSA Z.299Peter Ford, Canadian Standards Association.1979-11-01
Quality in CosmeticsReg Charlesworth, Avon Canada.1979-12-01
Plant tour of Canadair Ltd - “Challenger Program Follow-up”R. Griffin, Quality Manager1980-01-01
QA in the Auto IndustryH. Davis, General Motors.1980-02-01
Atomic Energy in CanadaJ. Mullen, Atomic Energy Board.1980-03-01
QA in WeldingJ. Gordon, Canadian Welding Bureau.1980-04-01
Annual Dinner Meeting.Annual Dinner Meeting.1980-05-01
QC in WeldingM. Macecek, Welding Institute of Canada.1980-10-01
QA ManagementKen Kivenko, Canadian Marconi Co.1980-11-01
QC in HospitalsM. Herbert, Royal Victoria Hospital.1980-12-01
QC and the Printing of MoneyM.J. Alright, the British American Bank Note Co.1981-01-01
Legality in ProductsA.P. Gold, Lawyer1981-02-01
Plant tour of Velan EngineeringPlant tour of Velan Engineering, R. ROUSSAL.1981-03-01
QA ManagementKen Kivenko, Canadian Marconi Co. By popular demand.1981-04-01
"If Japan Can, Why can't We ?" -- Film presentation.1981-05-01
Plant tour of Air Canada Maintenance BaseAir Canada Maintenance Base1981-09-01
Purchasing and QA Management -- a panel discussionPanel: buyers from KHD, Canatom, AES & Canadian Marconi.1981-11-01
Quality CirclesGeorge Rosenzweig, Consultant.1982-01-01
Plant tour of Deutz Diesel R&D Center at KHD Canada Inc.Deutz Diesel1982-03-01
Plant tour of Flight Simulator Manufacturing and Testing at CAE Electronics.CAE Electronics.1982-05-01
ASQC Films "The Supervisor's Role in QC" & "The Case for Quality".1982-09-01
Plant tour of Rolls-Royce CanadaJ.R. Yates, Director of QA.1982-10-01
Quality CostsGeorge Lazlo, Director QA, Canadair Ltd.1982-11-01
Plant tour of Northern Telecom's Analog and Radio Transmission DivisionDave Welsh, Manager Quality Engineering1983-01-01
Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing ApplicationsR. Kunze, Canadair Ltd.1983-03-01
Plant tour of Canada Post Sorting Facilities in Ville Saint-LaurentMichel Rose1983-03-01
Plant tour of Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) in OttawaAtomic Energy of Canada (AECL)1983-04-01
Plant tour at La Maison Secrestat LtéeLa Maison Secrestat Ltée.1983-05-01
Scanning Electron MicroscopeDr Vern Sulvay, Canadair Ltd.1983-09-01
Computer Aided Design/ManufacturingComputer Aided Design/Manufacturing, by Alex Habrich, Canadair Ltd.1983-11-01
Auditing Quality Programs and SystemsAuditing Quality Programs and Systems, Len Barth, Canadair.1984-01-01
The Management of Quality, Jointly with Montreal Board of TradeDr Joseph Juran1984-02-01
The Role of Aircraft Scheduled Maintenance Programs in the Quality Program CycleJeremy Cartlidge, Supervisor of Maintenance, Canadair Ltd.1984-03-01
Vehicle Crashworthiness and Occupant Protection (held in Ottawa)Murray Dance1984-05-01
Plant tour at Pratt and Whitney and Films "Total Process Control" & "In Good Company"J.A. Osborne, Manager Quality Engineering, P&W1984-10-01
Zero Defect, Cost of Quality, Price of Conformance and of Non-Conformance Joint meeting with Montreal Board of TradePhilip B. Crosby1984-11-01
Problem Solving - The Kepner-Tregoe methodColin Newhouse, Canadair Ltd.1985-01-01
"ASQC Certification Requirements" Jointly with Society of Reliability EngineersRoger Guitar1985-02-01
Software Quality ManagementEugene Joseph, Canadian Marconi Co1985-03-01
C.S.A Quality Management Institute Policies and GoalsR.G. White, Program Development Director.1985-04-01
Plant tour of Astronautics Ltd., Jointly with the Ottawa Sub-section.Plant tour of Astronautics Ltd in a joint meeting with the Ottawa Sub-section.1985-05-01
"QA in a Research and Development Industry", David TOZER, Manager Special Projects, Bio-Research.David Tozer, Manager Special Projects, Bio-Research.1985-09-01
Tour of the Mirabel Airport Control Tower.1985-10-01
"The Z Factor - A Teamwork Approach"W. Bernhardt, Corporate QA Manager, Crane Canada Inc.1985-11-01
Quality Management in the 80'sKen Kivenko, President, Bendix Avelex1986-01-01
Plant tour of General Motors Ste-Therese and Films "Just in Time" & "Methods of Production in Japan".General Motors, Ste-Therese1986-03-01
Plant tour of Lumonics Laser Systems in Kanata, OntarioDave Sandoz, Manager Test & QA.1986-05-01
All-Day Forum Jointly with Québécoise Sections & Association Québécoise de la Qualité (AQQ)Chair: Lin Humphries, Canadair Ltd, Liguori Lefebvre1986-05-01
Plant tour at Seagram's Distilleries & Presentation on Statistical process ControlJohn Toth; T. Lepore & Reg Cooke1987-09-01
All-Day ForumChair: Charles N.P. Cheun, CP Rail, Guest: Daniel Johnson, Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce, Co-Chairs: David Tozer, Marcel Charbonneau1987-10-01
Plant tour of Rolls RoyceMessrs Royer, Yates & Gascoigne1987-10-01
Plant tour of Pratt & WhitneyPierre Chenail, Manager Procurement & Quality1987-10-01
Tour of Armand Frappier Institute, Laval & "The Quality Control Function in Immunology" Jointly with Section Québécoise. Armand Frappier Institute, Lava1987-11-01
Plant tour of Circo CraftL. Mink, VP Hybrid Microelectronic Division & A. Gouder, QA Managerroom attire to visit the micro-circuit manufacturing plant.1988-01-01
Update on the CF-18 ProgramBrigadier General R.M. Ramsbottom, Department of National Defence1988-01-01
Software Quality ControlEdmund Ratneyia, Bendix-Avelex1988-02-01
Open House on membership and services of the ASQC.1988-03-01
Tour of David Florida Laboratory of Defence Research Establishment, Ottawa with Ottawa sub-section.David Florida Laboratory, Ottawa1988-04-01
Stepping Up to Quality Assurance (Health Services)Dr Joan Kahn, QA Coordinator, Royal Victoria Hospital1988-05-01
Plant tour at Domglas Inc, Pointe St-CharlesY. Savereux, Quality manager.1988-09-01
ASQC Quality Forum - "Quality Competitiveness" Jointly with Section Québécoises & Society of Reliability EngineersGuest speakers: Robert A. Ferchatt, President, Northern Telecom Ltd & Canadian National Quality Month Chair & Henri Bergeron, Radio Canada program host1988-10-03
Films and videos on quality1988-10-20
Plant tour IBM Microchip manufacturing plant, Bromont1988-10-27
ASQC'S Certification programsRoger Guitar & Alan Smith1989-01-01
“Introduction to Sampling" Jointly with Section Québécoise and Society of Reliability Engineers.Youssef A. Youssef1990-01-01
Plant tour at Air Canada Maintenance and Overhaul Base, Dorval Airport Air Canada Maintenance and Overhaul Base, Dorval1989-02-01
Quality Management in this Competitive WorldPanel: Jean-Marie Fahmi, President of FGT Inc, Wesley Gerrish, Vice-President and Albert Simony, Coopers and Lybrand1989-05-01
Koalaty Kid Program -- Allion SchoolCathy Prokosh, Principal of Allion School.1989-09-01
Quality Month All-Day Forum -"Quality Commitment" Jointly with Section Québécoise & Association Québécoise de la QualitéCo-Chairs: David Tozer, Guy Coulombe, 16 events1989-10-17
ASQC's Quality Forum VCombined with Quality Month Montreal Section1989-10-17
First World Quality Day Wine and cheese meetingÉcole de technologie supérieure1989-11-01
Quality Mixer -- meet the section's Executive and other quality practitioners and professionals.1989-12-01
Plant tour at GFI-Dometal, Pointe ClaireCharles Altman, Quality manager.1990-03-01
Plant tour of GE Compressor and Airfoil Division, BromontGE Compressor and Airfoil Division, Bromont1990-04-01
Quality AuditingL.E. Johnson, Director of Quality Management, Paramax Electronics1990-06-01
Plant tour Matrox Electronics Co.Quality Management group.1990-09-01
Participation at the “Sixth Business World Exhibition” held at the Place Bonaventure.Participation at the “Sixth Business World Exhibition” held at the Place Bonaventure.1990-09-01
ASQC's Quality Forum VI - "Service Excellence - The Human Connection" Jointly with Section QuébécoiseLive broadcast from New York, Local opening: Gilles Bélanger, Associate VP, Purchasing, Quality and Outside Technology Research, Bell Canada1990-10-06
Quality Month All-Day Forum V - "Creating a Quality Environment for the 90's" Jointly with Section QuébécoiseChair: David Tozer Guests: Jean C. Monty, President, Bell Canada & Canada Quality Month Chairman & Dr A. Boutard, Université du québec à Montréal.1990-10-13
Implementation Strategies for Total Quality ManagementLucie Parrot & H. Nguyen, Le Groupe Berclair Inc1990-11-01
Plant tour CAE Electronics with Society of Reliability EngineersCAE Electronics1991-01-01
ISO-9000 StandardsDr Joan Kahn1991-02-01
Integrated Process Management and Process ValidationRidgley Park, VP Section Affairs, ASQC1991-04-01
Plant tour at Velan EngineeringVelan Engineering1991-05-01
Total Quality Management in a Service EnvironmentDr David Tozer, Manager Total Quality Management, Paramax Electronics1991-06-01
Plant tour of Philips Information Systems' Computer Assembly Plant, in St-LaurentDaniel Desilets, Quality Manager 1991-10-01
An Introduction to ISO-9000Denis Pronovost, Quality Management Institute1991-11-01
Informal Wine & Cheese with Society of Reliability Engineers, Association Québécoise de la qualité & Quebecoise Section1991-12-01
Video night on the subject of quality and employee motivationJP Amiel, Quality Assurance, Division Head, STCUM1992-02-01
Certification of Quality Programs and Audits — What, Who and Why? Event with Section 404Denis Pronovost, François Lambert, R. Denom & J. Littlejohn1992-03-01
"The D1-9000 Quality System", Boeing's Supplier Quality SystemAllen Windley, Boeing Commercial Aerospace1992-04-01
"Quality: The Bridge to our Customers" Jointly with Section QuébécoiseAnna Mormina, Division Quality Director, Xerox Quebec1992-05-01
Plant tour Canada Post Sorting Facilities, St Laurent Jointly with Section QuébécoiseCanada Post Sorting Facilities, St Laurent1992-06-01
ASQC's Quality Forum VIII - "Leadership, Innovation and Discovery and Development" Satellite broadcast from New York1992-10-01
Quality Forum - "Total Quality Management, Why, What and How" Jointly with Section QuebecoiseChairs: Charles Altman, GFI & Claude Maille, SICO Presentation: Sheila M. King, Joseph Kelada & Associates1992-10-01
Co-ordinate Measuring Machine and Gear Inspection SoftwareMike Bastef & Gerry Seguin, Mitutoyo Inc.1992-11-01
Q+ : A Pilot Project on TQMJerry Tarasofsky, MAGE Centres for Management Development1992-12-01
Reliability in Aeronautics -- Canadair Jointly with Section QuébécoisePhilippe Gendron, QC Director, Canadair's Government Air Services1993-02-01
Total Quality in a Hospital Setting -- Jointly with Section QuébécoiseKathryn Vaughn, Co-ordinator QA & Risk Management and Liane Lecher, Dept Head Outpatient Clinics, Montreal General Hospital1993-02-01
Should we Qualify our Suppliers -- Jointly with Section Québécoise & Purchasing Managers Association of CanadaAnimation: Dr Inteaz Alli, McGill University Panel of various Procurement and Quality professionals1993-03-01
Annual Assembly1993-04-01
"Empowering Employees", Workshop with Section QuébécoiseJoseph A. Maalouf & Pascal Bouffard, EFFI-QUAL Management Consultants1993-05-01
Plant tour at CAE Electronics, Jointly with the Section QuébécoiseCAE Electronics1993-09-01
Golf tournament with the Section Québécoise1993-09-01
Quality Month launchWilliam E. Bradford, President & CEO North American Life Assurance Co & Canada Quality Month Chairman. All signed panel of Canada Quality Month Flag1993-10-01
ASQC's Quality Forum IX - "Empowering People with Technology", Jointly with the Section QuébécoiseSatellite broadcast from Washington DC, Local Chairs: Charles Altman, GFI & Marcel Charbonneau, Postes Canada
Total Quality ManagementG. Quaid1993-11-01
ISO-9000 - Jointly with Association Québécoise de la Qualité.1994-01-01
Quality in the Aerospace Industry1994-02-01
Optical Solution Products for document storage and retrieval to ISO-9000 SystemsAndre Kassis, Joseph Gomez and François Carrier Bell and Howell1994-03-01
Annual General Assembly1994-04-01
Plant tour of CircoCraftEd Barbosa, CQE, Employee development Co-ordinator.1994-05-01
Quality in Health CareDr Normand Brassard, St Mary's Hospital1994-09-01
ASQC's Quality Forum X - "Quality 2000 - The Next Decade of Progress"Satellite Broadcast & Alex HARPER, Past Chair of Montreal Board of Trade, Rene PICARD, President and CEO of GEC Alstrom. 1994-10-01
Quality in the Real WorldKen Kivenko, President & CEO, Canadian Marconi Co; Board of National Quality Institute; President Canada Quality Council1994-11-01
ISO 9000 Round TableAnimation: Paola L. Hawa & Roger Guitar; Presentations: J. Plante, Canada Trade & Commerce; Gilbert Coll,SGS; Daniel Désilets, Inchcape; Michel David, Whitney; S. Kennerknecht, Cercast1995-01-01
ISO-9000 in Canada — A behind the Scenes LookCanadian Technical Committee 176 Members: Pierre F. CAILLIBOT, President, K. McCORMICK, Escher WEISS & R.J. STEVENS1995-03-01
Annual AssemblyAnnual Assembly1995-04-01
Démarche Qualité dans une PME de ServiceDaniel Thavard, CGI, Montreal Section Quality Award recipient.1995-05-01
Plant tour IBM Microchip manufacturing plant, Bromont Jointly with Association for Quality and ParticipationIBM, Bromont1995-09-01
Satellite broadcast of Quality Forum XI - "Quality Happens Through People"Chairs: Charles Altman & Diane Bonin Intro: Phillis Lambert, founder Heritage Montreal & Canadian Centre for Architecture, Member of the Order of Canada & Knight of the National Order of Quebec; Guest: Bernard Lamarre, President Quebec Order of Engineers1995-10-01
ISO-9000 - A Second Round Table.1996-01-01
Plant tour at SR Telecom & “On-line Interactive Quality Database Systems”David Welsh, Quality Director1997-09-01
Celebration of ASQC's Fiftieth Anniversary & "You've Got to be Crazy to be in Quality"Host: Sam Weissfelner Past chairs: Len Barth (1966), Lin Humphries (1983-1985), Deborah Deslauriers (1988, 1989), David Tozer (1990) & Inteaz Aalli (1994) Presentation: Michel David, VP Quality, Pratt & Whitney1996-02-01
Surfing the Quality Net, Jointly with Section Québécoise1996-02-01
Annual Assembly, Awards & "Quality System Documentation Control using Lotus Notes"1996-04-01
Tour of ATS & “Building Quality Software in a Competitive Environment"Neil Asbil, Director of Quality and Corporate Services, ATS Aerospatiale1996-04-01
The New Quality ProfessionalDouglas Morgan, Kraft General Foods, Lionel Hervieux, STCUM & Gerry Davidson, Quality Consultant.1996-12-01
Annual AssemblyGuest: Frank Dottin, Principal of Allion School, our Koalaty Kid Program School, honours Section with thank-you plaque.1996-02-01
Software Quality Systems - DevelopmentsPart 1: The Basics of Software Quality Systems: Jérome PESANT,Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montréal (CRIM); Daniel THAVARD, CGI; Albert SIMONY, A. Simony & Associates -- Part 2: Living with a Software Quality System: Luciano GARRERO, EICON; Bruce STAMM, CAE Electronics; Albert SIMONY, A. Simony & Associates
Introduction on ISO-12207 and 25504 - ISO's answer to Software Quality SystemsFrançois Ouellette, President of LogiQual Inc 1996-04-01
ISO-14000 and ISO-9000Denis Pronovost, Academia Qualitas1996-06-01
The Basic Tools of Quality - WorkshopDavid Tozer1996-10-01
Competing in the Age of a Networked Society - Quality Month ChairJohn Wetmore, CEO and President of IBM Canada and Canadian Quality Month Chairman1997-11-01
Experiences with the Implementation of ISO-9000 Programs in Large, Small and Medium size CompaniesKeith Forcier, RDC Controls, Marvin Zylber, Alstrom and Terry McKeogh, Canadian Marconi1998-01-01
Annual Assembly & AwardsQuality Awards presented to David Tozerr and JP Amiel1998-02-01
Quality in the Food Industry - the HACCP Standards.Richard Brouillet, Kraft Foods Canada1998-03-01
Supplier QualificationDavid Martin, SNC Technologies & Denis Constantineau, STCUMHilton.1998-04-01
New and Old Members' Night - Networking with quality practitioners1998-05-01
Quality in the Public SectorRobert Doré, Quality Coordinator, City of St-Augustin, Pierre Chenard, Quality Coordinator, Shawinigan School Board1998-09-01
Quality Round Table ExperiencesAnimation: Bernard Doiron1998-10-01
Annual General Assembly1999-02-01
Modern Quality ToolsDavid Tozer1999-03-01
ISO-9000 the Millennium Edition1999-04-01
Not So Old Members and New Members Night - Networking with quality practitioners1999-05-01
Six Sigma ChallengeBrian Weaver, Master Change Agent, Bombardier Inc.1999-10-01
KaizenMichel David1999-11-01
Annual General Assembly2000-02-01
ISO 9000Robert Stevens, ISO Technical Committee 176/SC2.2000-03-01
ISO 9000:2000 ImplementationGilbert Coll, Samson, Belair, Deloitte & Touche & Oscar Cardona, Quality Management Institute.2000-04-01
New and Not So Old Member’s Night - Networking2000-05-01
Montreal Section’s 50th Birthday(1991-92), Robert FAIRBAIRN (1996-98), Jean-Pierre AMIEL (1998-99), Raymond DYER (1999-2000)Keith Forcier (2000-02) hosts Past chairs: Isobel Loutit (1968-69), Earl Kennedy (1970-71), Lindsay (Lin) Humphries (1984-86), David Tozer (1990-91), Denis Martin2000-09-01
Annual General assembly.2001-02-01
ISO 14000 and ISO 9001Nathalie Nadeau & Serge Généreux, 25th Canadian Forces Depot (National Defence).2001-03-01
Night of the RegistrarsQMI, SGS and Samson Belair Deloitte and Touche.2001-04-01
New and Not-So-Old Member’s Night - Networking2001-05-01
ISO 9000:2000 TransitionDenis Pronovost, ISO Technical Committee 176/SC2.2001-10-01
Practical Measurement of Human Resources and KnowledgeHugh Mitchel, Universilia2001-11-01
Holiday Party for all members.2001-12-01
Annual General Assembly.2002-02-01
Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty MeasurementLouis Gialloreto, McGill University.2002-03-01
Organizational Evaluation using ISO 9004 & Malcolm Baldridge AwardPierre L’espérance, Qual-ISO & Nathalie Lecours, Nortel Networks.2002-04-01
ISO 14001 – The Environmental Management SystemMitchell Daudier, Thellen2002-05-01
Night of the RegistrarsMichel Lajoie, BNQ, Dominique Chartier, QMI & Robert Morris, SGS.2002-10-01
Quality ToolsRaymond Dyer, Nortel Networks, Michel Hodak, WECO Electrical Connectors Inc. & David Tozer, David Tozer & Associates.2002-11-01
Six SigmaPierre Bérard, Six Sigma Methodology Deployment, Bombardier Recreational Products.2003-01-01
Annual General Assembly.2003-02-01
Advanced Quality and Statistical ToolsMartin Carignan, Bezeau, Carignan et associés & David Tozer, David Tozer and Associates.2003-03-01
Internal Auditing – Principles and PracticesInteaz Alli, McGill University & Jean-Pierre Amiel, STM2003-04-01
Get Together – An Evening to Meet Fellow Quality Professionals2003-05-01
Get Together – An Evening to Meet Fellow Quality Professionals2003-09-01
Cost of QualityDr Vince Thomson, McGill University and Marjaneh Pourmand, 7S Knowledge Express Inc.2003-10-01
Standard for Aerospace – AS9100Roger Ritterbeck Jr., QMI2003-11-01
FMEA – Failure Mode & Effects AnalysisMike Bélanger, Technical associate, Perkin-Elmer Optoelectronics.2004-02-01
The Essentials of Change LeadershipBeverley Patwell, Patwell Consulting Inc.2004-03-01
Annual General assembly2004-04-01
Sig Sigma & Lean ManufacturingWolfgang J. Schmitz, Director, Continuous Improvement Project, Alcan Inc..2004-05-01
Networking Event2004-09-01
ISO 14001Sylvie Demers, Certified Environemental Auditor/EMS-LA.2004-10-01
Night of the RegistrarGeorge Azedo, QMI, Fabrice Lantheaume & Louis Stock, SGS International.2004-11-01
Standard for Aerospace – AS9100Roger Ritterbeck Jr., QMI2005-02-01
The Evolution of ISO 14001Michel Bourbonnière, Chef, Performance et enjeux environnementaux, Hydro-Québec.2005-03-01
Annual General assembly.2005-04-01
Acceptance Sampling: Selection, Evaluation, Standardization and OutlookFrançois Pageau, Principal Statistician and Senior Quality Advisor, SNC Technologies2005-05-01
Basic Quality Tools - WorkshopDavid Tozer2005-09-01
Human Side of QualityEric Stern, Coach & Consultant.2005-10-01
Learning to see – An introduction to Lean Enterprise Concepts and ToolsStephen Jones2005-11-01
Plant visit of the SAQJudith Vass, Société des alcools de Québec2006-01-01
Supply Chain Quality - The big pictureAvrum Goldman, Pratt & Whitney Canada2006-02-01
Lessons learned from an AS9100 auditor’s point of viewRoger Ritterbeck Jr., QMI2006-03-01
Annual General Assembly2006-04-01
Managing service delivery processesDr Jean Harvey, UQAM.2006-05-01
The Registrars are backBSI, QMI, & SGS.2006-09-01
Food Quality, Food Safety, & ISO 22000Dr Inteaz Alli, McGill University.2006-10-01
Éthiques et Performance, Full day conference Jointly by ASQ 401 and 404.2006-11-01
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