Voice of the Customer – Voix du client

Amine DjeffalBy Amine Djeffal, ASQ CQA, RAC, Quality and Regulatory Affairs Professional

Here is a quick rundown of the comments made by our virtual participants to the ISO 31000 Risk Management Webinar with Jim Moran on September 30th, 2020.

Most of the 35 participants were ASQ members (full and senior members). Feedback from the participants was highly positive on both the Subject and Approach categories, with scores above 90% whereas results for Presenter and Exchange categories were 87% and 73% respectively.

One participant mentioned that although the topic was relevant and the presenter highly knowledgeable, it would have been better to link ISO 31000 to practical examples and case studies. Another participant proposed we have a brief round-table introduction from each participant at the beginning of the event in order to discuss the presentation findings later on with people who were connected.

Based on poll results nearly 62% of the participants heard about the event through the Section’s Newsletter, which demonstrates it is still the perfect communication channel to reach a maximum of ASQ members and keep them informed about the Section’s events. Finally, it was shown that 7:00pm to 9:00pm was the best time to hold a webinar.

We would like to assure ASQ members that we welcome all comments. They will be reviewed and discussed within the leadership team. Identifying opportunities for continuous improvement is, and will always be considered vital at the Montreal Section.

Participants have expressed interest to attend other webinars. Several topics for upcoming webinars were proposed such as: critical infrastructure and risk management, ISO 45001, design FMEA, applied statistics, cybersecurity, lean tools and change management.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ASQ Montreal Section will continue to hold virtual events.

We would like to thank you all participants for your valuable feedback. We look forward to hearing from you soon at our Annual General Assembly scheduled on October 28th, 2020. At that time we will also have a presentation on “Coaching Lean Six Sigma Teams” by Diego Lythgoe, who teaches Lean Operations at McGill University and serves as Global Continuous Improvement Lead within Shell’s Trading and Supply business.

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