Voice of the Customer – Voix du client

Amine DjeffalBy Amine Djeffal, ASQ CQA, RAC, Quality and Regulatory Affairs Professional.

Can the Continuous Improvement (CI) Professional Influence the Reduction of Systemic Racism in Healthcare (24 February 2021).

Interestingly 38% of the audience declared themselves as ASQ senior members. If we take a look at poll results in terms of field and responsability, non-managerial roles and manufacturing areas are what defined the audience the most.

Participants expressed interest in attending other webinars. Many topics were proposed such as Risk management, Human error, Audits and Quality standards offered by registrars.

Based on poll results nearly 29% of the participants heard about the event through the section’s newsletter which demonstrates it is still the perfect communication channel to reach a maximum of ASQ members and to keep them informed about the section’s events. In addition, using Eventbrite to inform members about our section’s events was efficient, since 18% of the attendees heard about the event through this platform. Finally 07:00 pm to 9:00 pm was the best time to join webinar.

We would like to thank all the attendees for their enthousiasm, as usual. We look forward to connecting with you soon at one of our events.

Since this Voice of the Customer report is my last one, I would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to the Section Leadership Team and to all ASQ Montreal section members.

Amidst the pandemic that we continue to endure we’ve learnt a lot. We should continue to see the value in the positive and encouraging lessons of resilience.

Stay safe and healthy.

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