The Editor’s Corner

By Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor, ASQ Senior Member, CSSGB

Before I wish you a happy and safe summer, as I normally do in the June newsletter, something interesting to touch on:

This newsletter marks the 100th of said publications that I have written, edited, assembled, reviewed, stressed over, cursed at, and just plain enjoyed doing since I first took on the role of Editor in 2010. At that time, Chantale Simard saw something in me that I did not know I was capable of, so I was wary to accept the challenge. But soon enough, I decided that the old adage “no chances, no advances” needed some actual practice. One hundred newsletters later, and it still feels like one of the best chances I took on myself.

My original want was to write something special in this newsletter regarding this milestone. Well, now you’ll have to suffer through a long, hot summer and wait until the September newsletter to see what I come up with. I am positive you will all find ways to occupy your time until them.

OK, now back to normal broadcasting . . .

As is customary for me in the June newsletter, I would like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to read this newsletter. I do hope that the effort that goes into putting it together by myself and others shows, and that you get something positive out of it every time you read it.

I, as well as the entire ASQ Executive Committee, are fully aware that we continue to live in strange times. With all the additional stresses and changes we have adapted to, I would not blame anyone for not being able to give the ASQ as much attention as they would normally give. Rest assured that we understand and that we will continue to be here to promote the Quality profession for you, to the best of our abilities.

So finally . . . I wish you a safe, happy and QUALITY summer season. After the completion of the June 16th event, we will be back in September 2021.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Neither the “C” word nor the “P” word were used during the writing of this article.


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Thank you, all the best and none of the worst.

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