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By Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor, ASQ Senior Member, Quality Management Professional, CSSGB with Rolls-Royce

The last time we had an in-person “Night Of The Registrars” event, it was pre-pandemic. So it’s been a while.

I sincerely hope to you see you at this event on Wednesday, May 29th at the Novotel Montreal Airport hotel. If you have not already signed up, do not hesitate . . .  CLICK HERE.

And not long after, on June 12th, we will be having our final event before the summer break, once again at the Novotel hotel.

This will be a networking event hosted by our very own Chantale Simard. Here is a brief synopsis of the evening:

Rejoignez-nous pour une soirée de connexions de qualité à Connexion Qualité / Quality Connection – où le réseautage va au-delà des frontières! Participez à des discussions animées, brisez la glace avec le Bingo Qualité, et mettez votre expertise à l’épreuve dans un défi de trivia par équipe. Connectez-vous, collaborez et élevez votre réseau dans le domaine des professionnels en qualité!

Join us for an evening of quality connections at Connexion Qualité / Quality Connection – where networking knows no bounds! Engage in lively discussions, break the ice with Quality Bingo, and put your expertise to the test in a team trivia challenge. Connect, collaborate, and elevate your network in the realm of quality professionals!

Again, do not hesitate if you are interested in being part of this June event . . . CLICK HERE.


Any feedback? Click on the link and let me know.

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Thank you, all the best and none of the worst.

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