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By Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor, ASQ Senior Member, Quality Management Professional, CSSGB with Rolls-Royce

Happy 2024 to everyone reading this post. All the best to you in this new year. 

Like most people, I took some time off before returning to work in the new year. And during that time off, I committed a grievous quality infraction in my personal life . . . I participated in causing a quality escape! If you are unfamiliar with what this means (please don’t be), then by all means Google it before reading on.

During my time off, I had booked an appointment with my osteopath. I arrived at the clinic early as I normally do, then saw my osteopath for the hour-long session. Once done, I got dressed, left the session room, said goodbye to the receptionist and left.

Did you notice something missing from that “process”? I certainly did not at that moment, but about one hour after leaving I got a call from the clinic, telling me that (cue scary horror movie music) I forgot to pay!! In my hurry to leave, I completely missed one of my essential process steps . . . paying for the service I received. As well, the clinic completely missed one of their essential process steps . . . assuring that the customer pays for the service.

After profusely apologizing, I got back in my car, returned to the clinic and righted my wrong. Of course now, given my profession and the way my brain works because of it, I am left with the question: “How do I assure that I don’t forget to pay going forward?” That said, I also wonder why it took the clinic an hour to realize that a customer had left without paying? How was the escape finally realized? What will they do to assure on their end that no one leaves without paying again?

My next osteopathy appointment is in early February, so stay tuned and I may have some answers.


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Thank you, all the best and none of the worst.

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