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Michael BournazianBy Michael Bournazian, Eng., Newsletter Editor, ASQ Senior Member, CSSGB

Greetings! And a (hopefully) better new year to everyone. If are not happy to see 2020 come to an end, then I would like to know what you have been smoking since March 2020.

I like to think of myself as a realistic person and thinker, leaning more towards optimist. So I currently do believe that 2021 will at some point give us our “old” lives back. And hopefully, that will include in-person ASQ events again. I believe we have succeeded wonderfully with our online webinars since March 2020; that said, it would be nice to be in a room again and actually meet the other people in that room, and watch the speaker live and in person. Fingers permanently crossed then.

One big change that we are introducing this month is our new, revamped website and newsletter. For me, the newsletter has been a source of pride since 2010 when I took over from Chantale Simard as its editor-in-chief. For 10 years, I used NVu software to create these newsletters 9 months out of 12; now we have switched over to using WordPress to create and publish. Much like when I started in 2010, I expect there to be a learning curve until I feel like I can fly the plane on my own; thankfully, your trusted and diligent ASQ Montreal Committee is a supportive and generous bunch of guys and gals, so I know I have several parachutes at my disposal if I need to “eject” 😉

In the end, the important thing is to give you, the reader and ASQ member, an enjoyable reading experience and a source of vital information for your Quality focused careers. That is, and will continue to be, the ultimate goal.

So here’s to WordPress! And here’s to you! And here’s to 2021 . . . hopefully the learning curve towards normalcy is not to steep.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Neither the “C” word nor the “P” word were used during the writing of this article.


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Thank you, all the best and none of the worst.

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