Student Outreach: Sustainability in Supply Chain

Farnoosh NaderkhaniBy Dr. Farnoosh Naderkhani, ASQ Member, Assistant Professor @ Concordia, Student Outreach Committee Chair

In today’s competitive business environment, to stay in business and keep up with competitors, it is of significant importance for a supply chain network to operate at its fullest potential. Increased demand for consumer products, however, has resulted in irreversible negative impacts on the environment. This coupled with increased global pollution rate over recent decades has resulted in an urgent quest to design and develop green and sustainable supply chain network. Generally speaking, sustainability in supply chain management focuses on orchestration and continuous improvement of planning and execution of processes on strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Veronica Marquez in action

As a researcher working on sustainability in supply chain network and as part of the vision to bring industry into classroom, we organized an invited distinguished seminar delivered by Veronica B. Marquez, Social Media Chair at ASQ Montreal. Veronica delivered a unique and an insightful presentation focused on green and sustainable supply chain network. The talk was devoted to strategic vision for advancement of lean and green supply chain networks and how the lean concepts and quality tools can be applied to achieve a sustainable supply chain network.


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