Radical Transformation Kaikaku – A personal Story

Radical Transformation Kaikaku – A personal Story

By Jean-Pierre Amiel,  ASQ Senior, CQA ret., Web Committee Chair

On the 30th of November 2022 we had the privilege to meet and hear Albanesa Ymaya, CLSSBB, TPS, Kaikaku Practitioner describe her approach on transformation in Kaikaku Before Kaizen. What I didn’t know then, was that Albanesa had also had her own personal radical transformation. In 2019, she survived a terrible car accident. Today, on LinkedIn, she reports in her own philosophical way how that day caused her to reflect that on life — not personal or professional — but both. This reflection set her on a dream to visit Japan, the place where the Toyota Production System began…. Here’s part of that post, translated from Spanish:

Albanesa Ymaya Accident Picture-2019

😱 4 years ago in that vehicle! Where my life could have ended in a minute and thus many of my dreams. But if this is a professional network (LinkedIn) why am I sharing something so intimate and personal? Simple. Over the years I have discovered that there is no real separation between the professional and the personal, because all we have is a life. A life that we occupy at different times.
Our professional life is completely tied to who we are as a person. Well, there is only one life!
After that fateful accident, I promised myself that I would live every moment as if it were the last day of my life and fight with all my might to achieve every dream I had… Four years ago, I made a firm decision not to keep waiting and today, thanks to God and the work of my team and family, I will be able to realize another big dream…. I will be in the place where one of the most admired business models in the world (the Toyota Production System) began …. I will finally be in Japan!
Today I invite you to fight with all your heart for each of your dreams ….. I invite you to take one action each day that will bring you closer to achieving them….. Never give up!

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