History of Section Events 2007-2020

ASQ Montreal online Party virtuelAnimation: Animation: Chantale Simard2020-12-17
Exploiter votre système de gestion de la qualité (SGQ) ISO pour garantir la sécurité des données critiquesCristian Dragnef2020-11-25
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + Six Sigma CoachingPresentation: Diego Lythgoe2020-10-28
Managing Risk with ISO 31000Jim Moran2020-09-30
Bienvenue à la section Montréal aux membres francophones et bilingue - Un réseautage virtuel en FrançaisAnimators: Chantal Simard & Raymond Dyer2020-06-17
Gestion des risques et mesures d'urgences dans le système de santé au QuébecJulie Savage-Fournier2020-05-27
Food FraudDeborah Esplin2020-04-29
Women in QualityTo be rescheduled2020-03-25
How Simulation Can Enhance Scheduling by Avoiding Lean WasteVincent Béchard2020-02-26
Risk in GxP IndustriesSabrina Ippolito2020-01-29
Securing Your Data: Should You Be Concerned?Marco Estrela2019-11-27
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + Cannabis Quality Assurance: at the Crossroads of Plant, Pharmaceutical and Food SciencesPresentation: Marie-Eve Carrier2019-10-30
The State of Organizational Excellence Across the WorldVeronica Marquez2019-09-25
ASQ Sections 401 AND 404 Networking EventAnimation: Chantale Simard2019-06-19
Pecha Kucha NightAvrum Goldman, Dubravka Kusmic, Chantale Farley, & Farnoosh Naderkhani2019-05-29
Lean and Statistical ThinkingMartin Carignan & Vincent Béchard2019-04-24
Supply Chain Management and the challenges faced by our experts in the Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and Automotive Sectors.Animation: Sam Weisfelner; Panel: Pierre Bedard (Pratt & Whitney Canada), Robert Fairbairn (Delta Pharma Inc.), George Azedo (SAI Global)2019-03-27
The use of Lean Six Sigma in MarketingElke Steinwender2019-02-27
Night of the Registrars: The Impact of ISO 9001:2015Animation: Sam Weisfelner; Panel: Marc Cloutier (BSI), Tim Ryan (SAI Global), Sabrina Ippolito (SGS), +  after newsletter Chantale Farley (NQA Canada)2019-01-30
Self-Regulated Professions from the Viewpoint of Quality PractitionersGabriel Ahmarani2018-11-28
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + HACCP: Past, Present and FuturePresentation: Deborah Esplin2018-10-24
Innovating Internet of Things with Design ThinkingPresentation: Walter Knitl & Workshop: Nilufer Erdebil2018-09-26
Company Visit: TRU Simulation + Training Canada Inc.2018-06-27
Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired By NatureDubravka Kusmic2018-05-30
Company Visit: PACCAR Plant VisitHosts: Jon Schafer and Tommy Gaudreault2018-05-17
The Prevailing Research About Process Improvement - How to Engage People and Reduce the Free-Rider EffectRafael Alencar de Paula2018-04-25
Risk Management: Implementation on a New ProgramMutair Kadiri2018-03-28
ASQ Montreal Section 401 Networking EventAnimation: Eric Hosking2018-02-28
The Future of Innovation: The 4th Industrial RevolutionPeter Merrill2018-01-31
Pecha Kucha NightVeronica Marquez, Dubravka Kusmic, Mutair Kadiri, Raymond Dyer.2017-11-29
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + Continuous Improvement at the Montreal Children's HospitalPresentation: Dr. Sasha Dubrovsky2017-10-25
Escape Management: Lessons Learned From the Front Lines of AerospaceLuc Juneau & Avrum Goldman2017-09-20
Annual Golf TournamentSections 401 & 4042017-07-07
Mind Mapping for Quality ProfessionalsRajesh Tyagi2017-05-31
AS9100D: From an Auditor's Point of ViewRobert Demers2017-04-26
Human Factors in Incident InvestigationsMitchell Daudier2017-03-29
Six Sigma Panel EventAnimation: Eric Hosking; Panel: Dany Dumont, Pierre Gaudet, Mutair Kadiri.2017-02-22
ASQ Montreal Section 401 and 404 Networking Event & WorkshopAnimation: Chantale Simard2017-01-26
Industrial MetrologyXavier Guillard2016-11-30
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + Acceptance Sampling TechniquesPresentation: Bassem Bouslah2016-10-26
Optimization of Snow Removal at the City of MontrealSimon Cloutier & Yvan Lévesque2016-09-28
Annual Golf TournamentSections 401 & 4042016-07-08
Quality Management Process Measures & Workforce MobilizationPierre Marquis2016-05-25
Pecha Kucha NightMutair Kadiri, Gordon Ayotte, Rajesh Kumar Tyagi, Dr. David Tozer 2016-04-27
Registrar's NightAnimation: Michael Bournazian; Panel: Intertek, SAI Global, & NQA Canada2016-03-23
Modern GMP Science and Risk Based Approach for the 21st CenturyAdy Sadek2016-02-24
ASQ Members Networking EventAnimation: Chantale Simard2016-01-27
AS9100 Revision 2016 (Key Changes)Roger Pelletier2015-11-25
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + Networking on TwitterPresentation: Eleonor Jasmin2015-10-28
Plant Visit - Alpha Casting Inc.2015-09-30
Annual Golf Tournament + M O O Z WorkshopPresentation: Josée-Anne Bergeron & Jean-Marc Legentil2015-07-03
A Quality Night of Pecha Kucha PresentationsEric Hosking, Dr. David Tozer, Anne-Marie Pizzitelli, Jim Moran2015-05-27
Demystifying ISO 9001:2015Jim Moran2015-04-22
Lean Maturity Assessment ToolMarie-Hélène Jobin2015-03-25
Supplier Quality Management in AerospaceJohn Reid2015-02-19
Using LinkedIn to NetworkRaymond Dyer2015-01-21
Software Quality:Brenda Fisk2014-11-19
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + Improving Processes with Attribute Control ChartsPresentation: Dr. David Tozer2014-10-15
How Swiss Cheese Holes Align: Lessons from Human Factors PsychologyGregory Blanc2014-09-17
Annual Golf TournamentSections 401 & 4042014-07-04
Deployment of PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)Nicole Talbot2014-05-20
Counterfeit Parts in the Aircraft IndustryEric Hosking2014-04-16
Continuous ImprovementGeorge Laszlo2014-03-19
A Quality Night of Pecha Kucha PresentationsMichael Bournazian, Pierre Dovala, Raymond Dyer, Jim Moran2014-02-19
Measurement Uncertainty in the Laboratory and on the Shop FloorDavid Llorens2014-01-22
Business Continuity Management  - a General OverviewDenis Goulet2013-11-20
Applying Six Sigma Tools In a Hospital SettingCarmin Cristofaro2013-10-26
Introduction to TRIZ and Application Example On a Train System (Interoperable Pantograph)Thomas Nagel2013-09-18
Golf TournamentSections 401 & 4042013-07-05
Human Factors: What Can Aerospace Teach You About Avoiding Human Errors?Gregory Blanc2013-05-15
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + AS9100C: Risk Management as it applies to the Aerospace Supply ChainPresentation: Aaron Troschinetz2013-04-24
How to Perform Successful Trials: The Foundation of Design of ExperimentsMartin Carignan2013-03-20
Quality Management Process Measures & Workforce MobilizationPierre Marquis2013-02-20
PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)Nicole Talbot2013-01-30
NADCAPBill Wilson2012-11-21
ASQ Mentoring EventBill Wilson, Dr. David Tozer, Khaled Khattab, Dr. Rajesh Tyagi, Yatin Khuarana, et. al.2012-10-18
The Shainin SystemChris Psinas2012-09-19
Golf Tournament + Exercise on “Recognizing problems, prioritizing them, and the attitude to take to solve them”Presentation: Raymond Dyer2012-07-06
Everything you always knew for sure sbout SPC, and so never bothered to askFrançois Pageau2012-05-16
Annual General Assembly + Root Cause AnalysisPresentation: Dr. David Tozer & Raymond Dyer2012-04-18
How Large Companies Deal With QualityRene Lalande2012-03-21
Enablers for Quality Management in Supply ChainsDr. Anjali Awasthi2012-02-15
The Importance of Cultural Settings for Continuous Improvements in QualityAnimation: Raymond Dyer; Panel: Diego Lythgoe, Hong Ping (Holly) Zhao, Khaled Khattab, Louise Gauthier, Sukhvinder Singh Jutla2012-01-25
What Makes People Perform?Eric Stern2011-11-16
Quality in the Service Industry: Challenges and OpportunitiesDr. Rajesh Kumar Tyagi2011-10-19
Internal Audit Techniques - Show & TellBernard Doiron & Jean-Pierre Amiel2011-09-21
Golf TournamentSections 401 & 4042011-07-08
The Use of Statistical Intervals to Enhance Quality/Business Decision MakingFrançois Pageau2011-05-18
ASQ Montreal Section 401 General Assembly + Applying PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) in the Aerospace IndustryPresentation: Peter Amsden2011-04-20
Building a Risk Management Framework in 4 StepsChristian Dragnef2011-03-16
Rapid Technical Problem Solving at Pratt & Whitney CanadaEric Hosking & Craig Hysong2011-02-16
Process AuditsGeorge Azedo2011-01-26
How Can Organizational Development (OD) Sustain Your Quality Culture? (Interactive Workshop)Khaled Khattab & Jean Fuller2010-11-17
Achieve Success with CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)Kostya Polinkevych2010-10-20
Who Needs Lean Accounting?Brian Maskell 2010-09-15
Golf TournamentSections 401 & 4042010-07-09
Supply Chain Management: Driving a complex network of businesses to supply quality product on timeAvrum Goldman2010-05-19
Section Annual General Assembly + AS 9101Presentation: Roger Ritterbeck Jr.2010-04-21
Brainstorming Tool On Retention: ASQ World Café MeetingBrenda Fisk2010-03-17
Good Manufacturing Practice regulationsAdy Sadek2010-02-17
ASQ Montreal Section 401 60th AnniversaryBrenda Fisk & Jean-Pierre Amiel2010-01-20
Business Continuity and Risk ManagementGeorges Cowan & Cristian Dragnef2009-11-18
Change management during challenging timesSylvain Gauthier2009-10-21
Using financial tools to improve qualityLivio Di Francesco2009-09-16
Revision C of AS9100Roger Ritterbeck Jr.2009-05-20
Section Annual General Assembly + Project management for Quality ProfessionalsPresentation: Sylvain Gauthier2009-04-15
Process Capability Studies: an opportunity to become intimate with your processFrançois Pageau2009-03-18
ISO 9001 changes and potential significant impactsDenis Pronovost2009-02-18
Networking Event – Are you a "Fad Manager"?Hélène Giroux2009-01-28
Quality in the Healthcare SystemJill Sporidis2008-11-19
Night of the registrars - There exists other important standards!George Azedo (QMI), Dirk Schroeter (TUV), Diane Pryde (BSI), Louis Stock (SGS)2008-10-15
Networking Evening - How to speak in front of people - a Toastmasters presentationSteven Jones2008-09-17
Managing the Global Supply ChainJohn Reid2008-05-21
Section Annual General Assembly + Networking - Theory & PracticePresentation: Raymond Dyer2008-04-16
The Economic Impact of Quality on Organizational SuccessBrenda Fisk2008-03-19
PFMEA – Process Failure Mode and Effects AnalysisFrançois Pageau2008-02-20
Networking Event – Six Sigma Successes & FailuresPresentation: Reynald Régnus2008-01-23
Change Management using a Coaching ProcessBeverley Patwell2007-11-21
Human FactorsSid Yousri2007-10-17
Networking eventAnimation: : Raymond Dyer2007-09-19
Cost of Poor QualityEric Hosking, B.Eng., MBA2007-05-16
AS9100D: From an Auditor's Point of viewRobert Demers, ASQ Montreal Section 401 Chair2007-04-21
Obtaining ASQ certification - why, what and howDr. David Tozer, Ph.D, ASQ CQE & SSBB2007-03-21
Process Design in the learning service organisationDr Jean Harvey, Ph.D2007-02-21
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