ASQ Montreal Section 0401 Leadership Team

From January 1 to December 31, 2018

Volunteer contact information is posted solely to contact a section leader for information on this section, ASQ, its programs &/or services.

To send a Leadership Team member regular mail, please contact them first to obtain their correct address.

During the call for nominations process, alternate nominations for officer positions can be made by petition of at least 10 members of the Section,
(See ASQ Montreal Section nomination petition form for template.)

Use of ASQ volunteer contact information for non ASQ use or for solicitation purposes is strictly prohibited.

Officers (* implies required)

Section Chair *: Robert Demers
Vice Chair: Eric Hosking
Secretary *: David Tozer
Treasurer *: Chantale Simard

Other Leadership Team Positions (Chairs and committee members, * implies required)

Membership Chair *: Robert Demers
Nominating Chair *: Raymond Dyer (514-571-5004)
    Nominating Committee Members: Jean-Pierre Amiel, Rajesh Tyagi, and Sam Weissfelner
Audit Chair *: David Tozer
QMP (Quality Management Plan) Chair: Robert Demers
Historian: Raymond Dyer
Program Chair: Eric Hosking
Arrangements Chair: Eric Hosking
     Arrangements Committee Member: David Tozer
VoC (Voice of the Customer) Chair: Eric Hosking
Education Chair: David Tozer (514-694-2830)
Recertification Chair: David Tozer (514-694-2830)
Newsletter Editor: Michael Bournazian
Internet Liaison: Raymond Dyer (514-571-5004)
Social Media Chair: Chantale Simard
Student Branch Committee:Veronica Marquez, Raymond Dyer, Rajesh Tyagi, and Raquibul Siddiquee
Web Site Committee Chair: Chantale Simard
    Web Site Committee Members: Michael Bournazian, Veronica Marquez, Raymond Dyer, and Jean-Pierre Amiel
Directors at Large: Jean-Pierre Amiel