Upcoming and Planned ASQ Montreal Section 0401 Events
Please note that these events, while planned for, remain subject to change until formally announced in our Newsletter.
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Date Theme / Topic
Wednesday April 24, 2019 Lean and Statistical Thinking
Wednesday May 29, 2019 Pecha Kucha Night
Wednesday June 19, 2019 Networking Event
Wednesday September 25, 2019 Hospital tour JGH (tentative)
Wednesday October 30, 2019 General Assembly and something TBD
Wednesday November 27, 2019 Counterfeiting in the food/other industry

Wednesday April 24, 2019 at 6:00 PM
Lean and Statistical Thinking
Presenters: Martin Carignan and Vincent Béchard
Some people associate Lean with the elimination of waste and Six Sigma with the reduction of variability. In fact, Lean is much more about variability reduction than most people think. In this conference, you will see why it is not possible to have a continuous flow in the presence of variability. A simulation of an airport baggage handling system will be performed to show the impact of variability on a "real life" process. You should leave the conference with a better understanding of why statistical thinking is a very important skill for all Lean practitioners and Lean leaders. As an introduction to this topic, you are invited to read this short article published by Martin Carignan, our speaker for this event: Lean & Six Sigma are both about variability reduction

Martin Carignan
Martin Carignan
Associate at Différence, Consulting in Statistics and Continuous Improvement
Martin Carignan has more than twenty years of experience in the field of industrial statistics and performance improvement. He holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics (actuarial science), a Master degree in Statistics from the Université de Montréal and an MBA from the Université de Sherbrooke. He began his career as a statistician in a pulp and paper company and he is currently working as a consultant at Différence, Consulting in Statistics and continuous improvement. He has trained hundreds of people in Lean Six Sigma and different statistical methods and tools for continuous improvement in Canada, the United States and Europe. He has coached clients on specific applications of statistical methods adapted to their needs. He is presently implementing the Hoshin Kanri process and daily performance management in multiple organizations as a mean to develop a continuous improvement culture. As part of those mandates, he coaches upper management teams on Lean Six Sigma leadership to support the culture change.

Vincent Béchard
Vincent Béchard
Associate at Différence, Consulting in Statistics and Continuous Improvement
Since 2004, Vincent has been acting as a decision-making consultant in the areas of modelling, simulation and optimization of industrial operations. His skills and competencies are based on statistics and data science, exploratory data analysis, design of scientific applications, discrete event simulation, black-box optimization and Lean Six Sigma. He is familiar with parts and materials handling, operations and traffic, reliability and maintenance, logistics and scheduling, and supply chains. His diversified experience includes surface and underground mining, port operations, smelting facilities, manufacturing of food and beverages, baggage handling and airport operations, industrial greenhouses, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper industries. Vincent’s best-known technologies are Flexsim, Anylogic, Java, C#, Excel VBA, R, and JMP. He has been working at Différence since 2019.

Wednesday May 29, 2019 at 6:00 PM
Pecha Kucha Night
Presenters lined up so far: Avrum Goldman and Chantale Farley
We're still looking for two more Pecha Kucha presenters. Presenting a 20 slide presentation at a fixed 20 seconds per slide can be quite the interesting and fun challenge. Are you up to it?

Avrum GoldmanChantale Farley
Avrum Goldman          Chantale Farley
Pratt & Whitney Canada                   NQA Canada

If you would like to be one of our 2 remaining speakers for our always fun and interesting night of Pecha Kucha presentations, please contact Michael Bournazian.