Since the ASQ has computerized its certification exams and contracted them out lyour local section no longerhandles anything related to these exams.

Please contact ASQ www.ASQ.org and follow the links to Certification.

Alternately you may call ASQ at 1-800-248-1946. 


Is your Recertification Due?

Electronic Version of Recertification Journal (Fillable PDF version)

My phone number for any questions regarding recertification 514-334-6102.

Some FAQs.

  1. Who do I contact for information or for information as to where I should send my Recertification journal?
  2. What can I use for points?
  3. Do Plant Visits count for anything?.
  4. What can I claim for my employment?
  5. What about courses/seminars and certificates?
  6. What documents must I submit for recertification?
  7. What format should I use to submit my journal, paper or electronic?
Any conflict between what is expressed on this web site and the regulations set up by ASQ, the regulations established by the ASQ shall prevail at all times.


  1. If you are a member of the Montreal Section call me, Norman Dickinson, at 514-334-6102 or e-mail me at  Certification. Under no ciricumstance should you send your recertification journal to any other address than what I gave you. If you are not a member you must call ASQ directly at 1-800-248-1946 and ask for the Recertification Department. They will guide you from there. <Back to top>
  2. Anything that is related to the quality profession and included within the body of knowledge (BOK) for your certification. However you may not claim an event/activity in more than one place. You may also not claim something which is part of your job description if you are claiming "employment" points. Example. You are a supplier auditor for your company and are thus required to visit numerous plants outside of your own company in order to audit them. If you are claiming points for employment you CAN NOT claim points for visiting a plant or for being involved in meetings were quality is discussed. <Back to top>
  3. The only plant visits that can be claimed are ones sponsored by a professional body such as ASQ or OIQ. Plant visits on your own or for your employer, for example, cannot be counted. <Back to top>
  4. You will need a letter from your employer, on company letterhead, stating briefly your period of employment and your job title. You may not claim separate points for doing something for your employer that is part of your job description. You may, however, claim points for quality related activities that is beyond the scope of your normal duties, however such claims must be substantiated by objective evidence such as specific attestations by your employer or whomever on their letterhead and signed by a responsible officer. <Back to top>
  5. If you attend a course or seminars (university courses are different)  you may claim points for attendance or for the resulting certificate but not both. It is in your best interest to claim the option with the most points. The content of such courses must be related to the BOK of your recertification. <Back to top>
  6. You must maintain a detailed log book, called a recertification journal, for all quality related activities using the format prescribed by the ASQ. Objective evidence for all points being claimed must be submitted to the reviewer along with this recertification journal. However when you send your request for recertification to me you may just send me copies of valuable documents because; 1- in case the mail gets lost, and 2) I won't return them to you anyway. I keep all supporting evidence for one year minimum then I actually shred it. <Back to top>
  7. If you are submitting your journal to the Montreal section, at this time, please use paper only and send using the regular mail or equivalent.  Sending items in electronic format may be easy for you but it is both lengthy and costly for me so I will refuse acceptance and bounce it back to you. <Back to top>

Local exam location and Directions . Traditionally the local exams are held at the Sheraton Airport Hotel (formerly the Airport Hilton Hotel then The Airport Wyndham) at the  Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport. Parking is on site and is free. To park, drive under the hotel span, past the main entrance and park in the parking lot in front of you which is adjacent to the airport.fence. I will give you the "get out of jail free" card during the exam. Do not park in any other areas or you will have to pay.  <Back to top>

Revised March 1, 2013..