The first national conference promoting Quality practices in Canada and sponsored by the American Society for Quality is coming to Ottawa, Sept 25-26, and early registration closes May 25! The American Society for Quality is the world's most recognized quality society. 

Canadian members of the society have brought together an outstanding program with internationally recognized speakers that have a wealth of experience in organizational excellence.

5 reasons why you should attend:

Learn about sustainability.  A sustainable organization is one that develops and respects its employees. Lean, a methodology based on the Toyota Production System, is all about sustainability. Today, profitable companies around the world use Lean to create products with better quality, reduced costs and higher employee engagement. With 5 presentations on Lean, and a 3 hour workshop on Toyota Kata, Lean is a major part of this conference. 

Get a new perspective on collaboration.  Top companies grow their people and work hard to create a positive culture. There will be presentations on positive leadership, engaging employees, and health and wellness in the workplace. If you are a leader, these topics will give you the right perspective to take the right actions.

Get certified. The ASQ offers web based training for certification and you can write your exam for the ASQ certifications at the conference! Get started with ASQ web based training or through the Indiana Council for study material for your exam.    Working towards a certification advances your knowledge and career, and improves your organization.  

It’s a special year! This year Canada is celebrating 150 years of confederation! As we celebrate, this conference aims to promote the principles and methods that will be essential for continued success and sustainability for Canadian businesses in the years to come.

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Value add. It is through the ASQ, and it's dedicated members, that I first learned about Six Sigma and Lean. My career path was Process Engineer, then Quality and now Lean. It's just like Sheryl Sandberg says, careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder. In my career, I was able to switch from one area to another by being around experienced ASQ professionals, great mentors and the ASQ body of knowledge.

The value of attending a conference cannot be overstated. Earlier this year I wrote about a Lean Six Sigma conference, and my colleague wrote about a World Conference on Quality that he recently attended. 

If you are still not sure if you want to attend, check out a preview here! On May 17, the Ottawa Chapter of the ASQ hosted a webinar with one of the speakers from the conference.

See you at the conference!