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To promote and enhance the quality profession by providing support to our Section membership, offering information, educational programs and events, and promoting the awareness and value of  quality in the community.

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Our Next Event of 2017
Will Be Held On Wednesday,

April 26, 2017.
Note Location of Venue.

Topic: ISO9100D: From An Auditors Viewpoint

Robert Demers

For more details of the content of this event please consult our Newsletter currently on site and in your Inbox.



1790 Cote Vertu
St. Laurent, Quebec
H4L 2A6

Free in front of restaurant

6:00 PM

ASQ Members, Non-members and Students: $25 for meal, tax and service included
New ASQ Members: Free
Drinks not included

ASQ RU Credits: For attendance at this event you will earn 0.3 RU, no more no less.
Before leaving the presentation please see D. Tozer (the guy that you paid when you came in) for a document stating your earned RU credits for recertification purposes.
 Transportation Closest Metro is Cote Vertu, Take any of the following buses west about three blocks to Marcil Laurin, 177, 225 or 70. Get off at the Leduc stop. Ask the driver if not sure. Actually according to Google it is a 6 minute walk west along Cote Vertu so the bus ride will be very short.

To register for this or any upcoming event please contact:
Dr. David Tozer
Click HERE to register by email.

For more information about this or any upcoming event please contact.
Mr Eric Hosking
Programs and Arrangements Chair

QMI- SAI Global

Employers, Do You Have Any Jobs/ Positions Available?

Are you aware of any current or soon to be available Quality related positions? They could be inspectors, auditors, quality engineers, technicians or even a VP of Quality. They could be at your plant, a supplier or a customer’s facility.
The formal training of your fellow ASQ Montreal members runs from high school up to Ph.D., combine that with experience that runs from just out of school to those with impressive twelve page CVs in related fields.

If you do know of any openings please help out your fellow ASQ section members by telling the responsible person about our free job posting service. It may help one of your fellow Montreal Section members and, who knows, one day you may benefit from it yourself.
You never know for sure these days.

Do you have a QC/QA Related Product or Service That You Are Trying to Sell?

The Montreal Section of the ASQ has almost 400 members. Some are managers and some are entrepreneurs like yourself. As a direct result many of these members directly influence what products and/or services are purchased by and for their companies. Why not increase your market awareness. If you are interested in advertising your product in our Newsletter just contact our Newsletter Editor, Michael Bournazian. You will find our rates to be quite reasonable. Some restrictions do apply. 
(Sorry. At this point we do not provide space for advertising on this web site.This is done only in the Newsletter.)

Are You Interested In 
Refresher Courses for 
ASQ Certification,
Possibly the Exam Was Harder Than You Expected

If any of the above seems to fit you and you would like to know if your section offers refresher courses? In short the answer is YES. In fact even if you are not a member of the ASQ you can take these courses. We even provide group rates to companies. We offer these courses from September through to June of the following year. 
Interested? Contact D. Tozer at 514-694-2830, or by e-mail at education@asqmontreal.qc.ca. For an application click here

Something else. History shows that those who take these refresher courses have more than twice the success rate at earning their desired certification compared with those who do not follow any refresher courses. It is something to think about. 

Retired or Planning to:

Did you know that the ASQ has "retired" status for its members. Just because you are fully retired doesn't mean that you have to give up your ASQ membership. Plus, depending on your continuous years as a member, there is a dues reduction right down to nothing at all on basic dues under the right conditions. 

Do you have certifications? They can also be "retired" as well either in conjunction with your membership of independent from it. 

For more information call the ASQ at 1-800-248-1946. 

Your Profile With ASQ

All ASQ members may now revise their "profile" maintained by the ASQ on line. This includes, amongst other items, the ability to revise your postal address, telephone numbers, whether you wish to receive e-mailings from either ASQ or your section with a unique e-mail address for each. By saying yes to receive e-mails from your section you will be automatically sent Event Advisories about a week prior to the presentation date. This does not include advisories for career openings which are posted from time to time on our site. 

To access this feature go to www.asq.org and log on. Once you are in on the first page at the upper right hand corner there is a link entitled "Your Account". Click on it and the resulting page is where you can revise your profile. If you have a problem logging on and have tried everything you can still phone them at 1-800-248-1946 and they will help you. 

You don't have access to the web at home or in your place of employment. You can still log on from a friend's place, library or cyber cafe and revise your profile. But because you don't have an e-mail address leave those areas blank. 

Gain Recognition, 
Advance To Senior Member

Demonstrate your professional growth and accomplishments in the quality profession by becoming an ASQ Senior Member. You will receive recognition from ASQ, additional benefits, and the opportunity of being nominated to the grade of Fellow Member. Download the application from www.asq.org. Your completed application should be sent to your Section Examining Chair for approval. Apply today and get the recognition and benefits you deserve.  Or you may phone 1-800-248-1946 and request that an application be mailed to you. 

If you need ASQ password assistance go to www.asq.org/login_help.html
If you continue to have trouble accessing ASQ.ORG, write to onchelp@asq.org

Posted courtesy of ASQ

E-mail Advisories
    Career Advisories
  • From time to time companies post quality related positions on our web site. If you would like to be notified each time a new one is posted please send me an e-mail stating that you wish to be advised of a Career Posting and the e-mail address that you would like it sent to as this database is maintained locally and is separate from the ASQ. 
  • This database is independent from the one maintained by ASQ and thus from the one for regular mailings from your section. It will only be used for this purpose. Furthermore,  career positions will not be sent to the e-mail address that you gave to the ASQ unless you have specifically requested me to send them to that address. 
  • Cancellations are just as easy. 
    Event Reminder
  • Your section has adopted the section database e-mail list as furnished to us by ASQ each month. Thus all section members who have indicated with ASQ that they would like to receive e-mailings from their section are automatically on this list. To be placed on this list please go to www.asq.org and modify your profile to permit e-mailings from your section. You can cancel or modify this at any time in the same manner.

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